Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday's Question-A New Year

New Years Eve has arrived and many will be making some plans for the New Year. You can call it Resolutions, Guide Lines and just Promises.

I have a few this year.

1. I would like to, as many others do, Loose weight. Lets say about 20 pounds. I think this is a standard Resolution.
Although, I heard something on the radio yesterday, that said must folks who are in the lower obese range, do not think they are! That was very interesting to me. Even though the scales say yes our eyes say No I not.

2. House clutter is one Guide Line I would like to overcome. I am a Pack rat! Whether it be from hanging on to the past or just having problems letting go. I got it, Even though my house is neat, Please don't open the closet doors or the spare room drawers. And what ever you do DON'T GO IN THE STORAGE ROOM! Now I need the set a Guide Line to getting this cleaned out and my Pat Rat syndrome under control.

3. A promise to myself needs to be......Live Healthier. There's always room for improving our Lives. It could be by reading labels on those items we purchase. Making sure it is a healthier choice for our home and bodies. Or looking for more ways to go Greener in our Home Lives. Most folks spend two thirds of their day in their home. Could it be healthier for us and our children? I want to live a long Healthy Life. Believe it or not , Environmental cancer causing carcinogenics , in my opinion, is very high in the Home. It think this is one thing we all can control. I am the Mayor of my Home and therefore I can make it a healthier one.

So There you have it three things I can work on in this New Year approaching.

What are you going to work on this next year?

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Off the cuff- A break from everyday.

Well, I am getting ready to have the Kids over form the night. We will be Going to the Market , Cooking cookies, Decoration the backyard, going to a Light display and watching a Holiday movie. Looking forward to the time with them. Critter is a joy to have in my Kitchen. he loves to cook. Alex I am not sure. This will be the first time for her. She spent one night with me a few months ago. This will be her second one. Critter Lived with us as a baby and has been coming back to spend nights and weeks overnight since. He went to Canada and Pa with us.

I am look forward to these next days. Christmas music playing , Smells of baking, and Holiday fun. Making new Traditions will be so much fun!

What are your plans for the next two days? yes that's right TWO DAYS! til Christmas. Are you Done Shopping Yet?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SwanLake-The Ultimate Goal!

It's a winter tradition watching the Nutcracker. Swan Lake is always one of our favorite.
Here is an ultimate Goal for anyone to achieve. I believe it took hours and years of training. Saw it this week and was just memorized by it. I could watch it over and over. Hubby watched it and was amazed at the performance. It's like nothing you've seen before!
Enjoy the Great Chinese State Circus preforming Swan Lake.
This is well worth the time seeing.

Now let's get stretching. Happy Holiday's!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Going Green together- Solar and Green Updates.

It's been A while, time for an update. We are so please with our electric bill. It is still in the low hundreds. Our solar systems is doing well. It has been a little over a year.

We have harvested 7,856 kWh of sun energy.

Reduced emissions equivalent to:
  • 13,037 pounds of CO₂
  • not driving 12,911 miles in a standard car.
  • planting 145 seedlings grown for 10 year

April was our most productive month, with a total of 799.99kWh harvested.
February was the least month, with a production of 266.39kWh

Now with the Holidays here, we have purchased some solar Holiday lights. I really like them. They are bright and just think no extra cost on our bill.
Still learning to be greener in our decisions. So many items to harvest the suns power with. Now if we could just get hold of a Solar powered generator. Anyone know of one?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

On our way Back....

It is time to hit the roads again. Time to travel back home. We have been at Virginia beach for a week. I believe we will stop by Colonial Williamsburg on our way back. I love that town especially during this season. I have been inspired to putting light up when we return home after visiting Christmas Town at Busch Gardens. So for the next months I will be posting some Holiday Cheer here. Let the Fun begin. Photo taken by Auntie E at Christmas Town of Santa's home in the North Pole. Oh I just love it, makes the kid come out in me!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A New Wii Item So I can eat Holiday foods.

Well I decided with the holidays coming I would get on board the Wii Fit train. So while out I eyed the new Wii Fit EA Active 2. This one has a heart monitor with it. Now that great for me. No more guessing is my heart rate within the target range. Now with all those extra Holiday delights , I can enjoy and just increase the Exercise to maintain the weight.

Wii is a good gift to ask Santa for! It is like having your own trainer when you want them. Even though there are fun games to play, it offers much more. Being able the change it up to be a personal trainer is a plus. Making it a better choice when it come to purchasing electronic games devices.

We purchase the Wii system a couple years ago for Christmas. We loved the Bowling and other games. Then I purchase a Wii Board last year. I like playing the Balancing games.
With the Wii I am able to do....
  • Skiing, now I can do those high jumps and not end up in a Body cast.
  • Skate boarding ,which I would never be able to do, with out breaking a few bones, if not for the Wii.
  • Then there is surfing, I always wanted to do that,only in the water I would probably take in too much water and never be able to stay on that board. Not to mention the concussion I would get from the board hitting me repeatedly.
So as you can see I can do all those thing on my Bucket list without leaving my Family Room! Oh yeah now that's the life. I know it will only be time before we see the 3D version, making it seem like you are really there! Now that's worth waiting for.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Better Weight Control Tool-L.G.I.

Finding a way to maintain your weight by using the Glycemic Index chart could be the answer for some people. This Index is based on the Glucose level in your body. When the levels are up and down that can cause Binge eating. Causing one to eat more food than they need and then causing the body to store fat.
Now what we want to do is eat some foods that are Low Glycemic in nature. These are foods that will keep the glucose level on a even line longer. Making it easier to feel full and making it to the next meal time.
What are some of these foods. There is a list of the Glycemic Index number of the food items. The numbers that are below 55 are considered the Low index ones. These will level your glucose and stop those cravings between meals. For example one could eat cereals based on oats and bran, bread with wholegrain and sourdough, eat some noodles, pasta and use Basmati rice. Vegetable are good also, like cooked Carrots, sweet potato, Yams, and most all other veggies other than root one like white and russett pototes, which are high on the G-Index.
Milk is low on the list so a glass of milk can help in the weight lost process. Even whole milk is low in the number about 27. In fruits you can have cherries, grapefruit, apricots, apple , pears plums, peaches, oranges, grapes and bananas. All are below the 55 number.
Just trying to incorporate some of these will help in the process of losing weight. If you have a food that you would like to know how it rates on this Index try visiting here and type the foods name in and check it out.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Are you in Limbo Land?

Now that the voting is over and some folks are shocked, are you going to remain in that limbo land? You know that place, where nothing gets done because you can't get over the past outcome. I have been reading blogs and seeing a lot of this mentality of we will be in grid lock. Statements like, nothings going to get done, the next two year will be a waste and what where you thinking folks!
Now I usually do not talk politics here or at home. However, I have this compelling feeling to do so today.

I think from the voting outcome the majority of Americans are not pleased with the way things are going. Do not think it is, as some folks would want to believe, just because they are not see and upswing in the economy or that the job markets are in a slump. We have had those things before and they will continue to be up and down. My feeling is we do see it, however what is hard to understand is the bills that have been passed and the pork in them. Those has caused some recent problems in America. Now the President stated in his after election address, which by the way was about an hour long, that he should have kept to his promise of weeding out the pork in bills. Stated he made some choices he should not have. He also stated that being in the White house is difficult. Staying in touch with the people is harder than he thought.
This is one thing I learned years ago, while in the military, things aren't as black and white as many common folks think. Once you are in a protected and shielded place, one learns how things have to work. It is not always how one thinks before they are placed there. You know that phrase some of us as kids heard," The grass is not greener as you may think, on the other side. It can be as brown also".

When hardship comes we want someone to fix it for us. Businesses start to close and homes are priced way out of reach, folks go into foreclosures and Money becomes scarce. Health issue arise as money issue arise. Cost for products go up to make up for differences in consumers spending. Companies do not want to go back to reasonable pricing,once they tasted wealth. So they tend to layoff workers. Now all these problems are cause by the companies and businesses. Not really by the government. Oh yes government bills and rules can affect the businesses. However, they are not the cause of how things are in companies and businesses. They want to blame the government. People made choices themselves and sometimes poor ones. Greed can cause a ripple in events and make people suffer.

The question I have for you, Do we really want government to control these companies and business? Isn't that walking toward socialism and total government control? Is that what you really want, no control of how to run your business or control over if you can purchase something or worst if you qualify for a health treatment.

My feeling is that we as the people need to make the difference. Stop buying on borrowed money, we can not afford to pay back in our lifetime. Control our own spending and hold the government accountable to controlling it's spending and getting our nations deficit in a downward pattern and keeping it there. In access getting and keeping the pork out of the bills! A bill should be for one purpose and not have a lot of non issues, just to get it passed. Causing more money to be spent to pass a bill, that might save a few dollars. The outcome is not favorable in decreasing cost, but rather a wash or in some cases spending more, (Moving money around to look like we are saving).

Yes I want both houses to work together, as well as the President to stay focused on his promises and keep the houses in check.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Getting the Economy Going

Heard a report yesterday that the Economy is getting better. The numbers are climbing up a little. Well, It must have been these blinds we purchase for the Laundry room. We are trying to save on energy, that is the loss of heat. Our addition has good windows but, they are not as great as the newer ones. Buying new windows for this room could be very pricey. Not to mention would have to be special ordered. For the laundry room is 9 foot by 12 foot and the windows are across that space. So, the next best thing was Insulating blinds.
Now these are remote control which is good because...the windows are behind things. Items like Cabinets, Pellet stove and a washer and dryer. Strings are not a thing I want anymore, due to the dangers to kids. As well as they are unsightly things, string hanging down and getting tangled up, not my kind of neatness. Gliders would not work because of the reaching around furniture, I would need a ladder to operate them. We visited a window treatment store and found Remote blinds. Ah... these are them, the perfect ones for our needs.

Last evening they were installed and boy do we Love them! I believe this was the greatest birthday present from hubby to me. Now I have a great Laundry room and it will be a warmer one in the winter and cooler in the summer. I can still look out at a push of the finger on a remote receiver.

You're welcome Mr President for our contribution to the up swing of our economy. The only thing is this will probably just offset the electric bill. So, it will most likely be a wash in the months to come. Oh well that's how the Numbers go...Up and Down!

Blinds opened....

Blinds closed.....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Science and Engineering Expo-Windpower

Oh the Science and Engineering of the wind power system. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we need the wind to carry our energy. thinking how a tornado's wind has so much energy. Able to lift Cars and pick up houses. Who knew that wind could be a good energy source? I think the ancient times knew it. Persia seems to have some history dating about 500AD. China started experimenting with windmills about 1200AD. What about the Windmills of Holland. They started refining their windmills about 1300AD. All these windmills seem to be used for harvesting water power to grind grain for food.

By the 19th century America was using the wind power for pumping water. the beginning of The 20th century we started developing windmills for the sole purpose of electricity. the first one being in Cleveland Ohio called the Brush Machine. It generated 12 kilowatts.

I find this so interesting, for you see we always think we are the first to invent things. Then we find out that ancient times folks had the same brain as us!
Well we have come a long way today with the wind power. However we had much further to go. Maybe in the 25th century we will be using wind power and solar power for our main source of electricity. Wouldn't that be great.

Now time for the photos...
from the Science and Engineering Expo.
These are Lego built Windmills.
They have a motor on them.....
the kids could see how the wind power generate power by...
using the crank they had ...
It show the cause and effect of generate power,
By cranking it a little light would appear.
Similar to how the windmills work..
using the air as it's crank.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Environmental Home Cleaning

It's time for an Environmental house cleaning. Hubby have been fighting a cough and chest thing for about a month now. Has been to the doctors and been told it's Asthma! Now I tell you with no testing how can they tell that. The Fact that he has never had Asthma and now in his fifties they say that word. It has me baffled.
So, I decided it is time for a whole house Environmental cleaning. This week I will start up stairs and work my way to the basement. Using products that are green and cleaning from the ceilings down to the floors.

Our environment in the home is so important to our health. With the weather changing we need this cleaning. Most of us think of a spring cleaning but, what about a Fall in home cleaning. Most sickness happens in the fall. Flu, colds and pneumonia are among the ones. Could our home air be the source? This is an ongoing question for the health industry. Some feel it has a great impact due to the fact we spend so much time in the home.

So are you ready to do an Environmental Home Cleaning with me? Let's have a sick free season this year. What do you think does the home environment contribute to of health woes?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Advertising Your Blogsite.

When I first started out blogging, a friend suggested that I join some social networks to draw traffic. So I started looking for a couple. She steered me to her page to click on and check some out. Last year I joined Adgitize, an network designed to lead traffic to your blog. At first I need to learn how it worked. Only adding one blog, this one, at the time.

This is how it works. Once you request to join then you're on your way to earning money. By clicking on 100 Ads daily you earn points. You also earn points for having a Adgitize widget on your blog. When people click on it you reap the awards. Depending on how many visitors come to your page and clicks on the ad, will determine the amount. Then there is a point system for how many ads view on your blog. Each time someone click on your blog the ads change, making more ads to view on your blog. There are other way to earn points. Buy posting in the Adigitize forum one can earn points. Posting on you blog will earn you points also. Now come on, we all post more then once a week. That's easy money and if you have more then one blog it is easier to post daily. That will make you earn 100 point a day, just for posting.
Now at the and of the month your points are added and calculated in to dollars. When you reach 10.00 a payment is sent to your PayPal account. Oh you do not have one....No problem when you reach 50.00 a check is sent to you.

Now there are two services provided. One is a free service and one has a fee. The fee one has more opportunities for you and the cost is low. Consider if you earn money that will offset the amount. You can check it out by click this ad.
Adgitize your web site.

I found after a year I am doing better with the site. Learning more about the services provided. Finally opened a PayPal account and the money was sent immediately to it. What a joy to see it in there. Now I can purchase things from other bloggers easily, just using the paypal system.
I really like this network Ad media. It is easy to use and effortless to make the money.
So, what are you waiting for? Just check them out, it can't hurt and you might be surprised at the folks you already visit affiliated with Adgitize.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Going Green together- Solar and Green Updates.

It's been a while since I last updated our Green Journey. we have been doing well on all things. There are a few new green directions we want to go. but for now I will give my Updates.

As far as the solar goes, we are doing great. Here are the stats on our system to date.
Our Solar lifetime energy usage is;
6,989KwH (since we started with solar)

You've reduced your carbon footprint equivalent to:
*11,599 pounds of CO₂
*not driving 11,486 miles in a standard car.
*planting 129 seedlings grown for 10 years.

Our Power bill this month is under 150 dollars. I thought I would look at last years power bill for the same time period. The weather was about the same with a temp degree varying about 2 degrees.

October 2009 we used 2102 KwH with a daily usage of 65,7 KwH. Our bill was 325 dollars. We only used the power company's power source.
October 2010 we used 1010 KwH with a daily usage of 34.8 KwH. Our bill was 148 dollars. We used both our solar system and the power company's source.

This tells me that we have been able to handle about half of our power with our solar system. We have not changed our lifestyle at all. Mostly to see how the Solar system saved on our energy bills. We are coming up on our one year anniversary of the system. We started using it in November of 2009. At the One year mark we will start looking at other ways to conserve our energy. We want to get the bills down even more.

We are pleased so far with our solar system and feel it was a great decision for us.
Now to the Green Bags We are doing well, still a few plastic sneak in there. The family doesn't seem to carry their bags with them. I will have to work on that. We still use paper for some groceries. However I have really cut back on that amount. I think the store are doing better on the green bagging issue. Found that if you ask, sometimes the store does have a cloth option and sometime they do not charge! I like that part.
When we went to the Renaissance festival I did ask for the cloth bags and the merchants had them. I like that also.

I am now working on using products that are greener in packaging. A few things I can refill with product. This is great for not having to throw away Plastic bottles. This is my new Going green adventure.

So, how are you all doing with your Green things? Or are you just not there yet?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

VSR- It's October and They Need Help.

Today I'm working in the VSR( Vintage sewing room). Making Batman's uniform, Robinhood's garment and that Smurf's dress. Oh I just love these little ones and big ones hiring me to make their replacement clothing. Will not charge them for I can not use their form of currency in my time period.
Yesterday I finished Batman's attire, today I will work on Robinhood's wear.
As you know Robinhood robbed the rich to give to the poor. Therefore I will not take any funds from Her. Oh yes, It a female this time. Somehow I think they had a sex revolution also. More Power to the women!
Well, being this time of the year when all these folks make a showing. I'm just glad it wasn't Ghost and Mummies inquiring my service.
Stay tune for the photos later this month. For these clothes need to be on the bodies to do them justice.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Just Stuff.........

Haven't we heard that phrase " Just Stuff". What exactly is stuff? Now I have Stuff to do and stuff laying around as well as stuff to buy. That's a lot of stuff in stuff. Okay I'm just being funny. However we love to use this word in the USA. It seems whomever we talk to "stuff" comes up. Looking the word up it has several meanings,from personal property to special knowledge. If one uses it as a verb the meaning changes to fill by packing things in to stopping something up as in stuffing a pillow or stuffed up drain. I find language fascinating in that one word can meaning so many things.

So to make myself clear today.....I have stuff to do! Let's see I need to finish the costumes and roast vegetables. Make some bread and stuff meat into freezer bags. Then I have to get the stuff out of the guest room and stuff it into a box. I have laundry stuff to do and cleaning, maybe even work on some stuffed up drains. Oh I will need to phone my friend to tell her some stuff I learned this week.

My daughter is out of school today so I will need her to pick up the stuff around the house. She will probably stuff it in her drawers. Then she will have to work on the stuff she learn at school. That stuff has to remain in her head.

One word can go so far in a conversation. I have mentioned Stuff, eighteen times here. Have given you a complete detail of what I am going to be doing today. So now that I have aired my stuff, What kind of Stuff do you have or need to do?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Got Evidence: Fat, a Virus????

Can you believe it...... We are already in October. How has your Getting healthy plan worked out so far? I was able to maintain my weight through out the summer. Why is it so hard to lose weight as you get older? Once we pass a certain age we need to get our metabolism going again. Now how can one do that?

I have read various plans from Pills to certain exercise machines. Deciding which one works for you is hard. There was a time when getting old meant sagging parts of the body and weight gain. Remember the old Granny's, Jolly and Plump. Even Santa was Pictured that way. Now in this century Granny's like Mothers and Santa is getting fit. So, the question remains, Now are they doing that?

No I do not have the answer today. I know some tools that can assist us. So for the next couple weeks I will be posting another Got Evidence series. Looking for the ways one stays fit according to today's lifestyle. Can any one achieve this New Granny look or is it just in the Cards dealt one. Is Fat a Virus you catch from others (don't laugh at this one, it was a study done). Does it matter where you live, are there Thin States and Countries. Is your nationality a key factor.

What is your opinion on the subject. Do you think it depends on your genes, or is it just lifestyle? Come on, way in , you might never know how your answer might add to the equation.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Living with a C-PAP User.

Some time ago I post a article about C-Paps (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines. These machine are used to help with sleeping. One cause of early death is the lack of the body being able to rest. Without proper rest, ones body can not repair and do the maintenance needed to keep a healthy body. The Lack of Sleep can cause one to fall asleep during the wakened hours. A person would not be able to control it, for our bodies need that down time. Imagine being behind a wheel of the car and falling asleep, or at a important meeting and nodding off. This is happening more and more in today's society.

Some years back, about 15, My dad was having trouble staying awake during the work day. finding himself nodding off at a stoplight and fighting to stay awake while working and sitting. After going to the doctors he found out he had Sleep Apnea. A condition that was robbing him of night time sleep. Snoring, tossing and stopping of breath intake, causing the body not to be able to go into the deep sleep. finding himself waking up grasping for air or needing to go to the bathroom. Which is a mechanism the body uses to release the pressure built up in the blood stream caused by lack of oxygen. This is diagnosed as sleep apnea. Dad was given a C-pap machine that he strapped to his head and it forced air into his airway. Keeping his airway opened to get the air needed and to get to that deep sleep. Back then the machine where loud and cause problem for the partners sleeping routine. I remember my Mother saying it is hard to get use to the noise. However she did and was able the sleep through the night. Now if you are a light sleeper I think it would be harder.

About two weeks ago My husband was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. He was fitted with a C-pap machine . I thought Oh boy this is going to be rough for me. The newer machine are much quieter and are barely heard. Since he has been using it I have noticed that he is awake more, not falling asleep when talked to and has a energy I haven't seen in a long time. He did have to have some adjustment to the machine but, now seems to be doing well.

I wonder how many folks use this C-Pap machines. I have a few friends using them and the sleep clinics are backed up waiting to be diagnosed. Do you know anyone using one? Or is this the first time reading about this machine?
If it prolong life and give the body the time to do its functions, I think it is worth it.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jobs..Cellphones..Cars and the Law

There are many jobs that require one to carry a cell phone. Some even give you a cell to use. They're stringed to you even when you are in your Car. You are at the whim of the bosses voice. Whether you are driving, shopping or at home, work is at you finger tips. In this day of work 24/7 there is no down time.

Well all that is about to change in the state of Maryland. Starting the first of October, while in a car, behind the wheel you will not be able to use that phone. It's a new law about to become enforced. If the police see you holding a phone to your ear and driving you will get a 40 dollar ticket and even more depending on the circumstance. I wonder if they will use those cameras to check on you also.

Hubby's company is having a Mandated meeting on this today. So I guess the only place one can be completely free from work now, will be in the car while driving. For us folks who can not stand that bosses direct line ... Let's get in the car and have some down time, one on one time and not have the boss interrupt. Road trips here we come.

Oh by the way, let's not talk about the hands free devices. What the bosses don't know can't hurt us. Now do you think the companies will start purchasing those hands free items for their employees? What about CB's, will those make a come back. Don't get me wrong I like the Law. How many times have you been almost run of the road because of cell phone usage. This is a problem indeed.

Just be informed if you are in Maryland, do not put that phone up to your ear, text on it or have it in your hands while driving.

Any other States implementing this law or one like it? What do you think about this Law?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Strolling

Now that Fall has officially arrived we can get out to those Festivals and exercise. Fall Strolling ,I call it. We have all sort of festivals going on ; Renaissance, Oktoberfest, Fall Bazaars, And the Williamsburg village fall changes. Let's not forget those walks through the changes of the leaves. Parks are a great place to start the process. Pack a lunch and go. Take the bikes, skates, boards and just a plain walking stick. Whatever your fancy this is the season for starting that walking routine. With the heat behind us and the cool breezes ahead, our walking will be easy body friendly. Oh I just love that cool breeze, well I'm off to the Oktoberfest. As my Hubby Says "and we're walking".

Photo: a live cam shot of Oktoberfest Munich.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's Still High Fructose Corn Syrup!

A new trend is happened and it's time to beware of name changes!

Heard something today that did not sit well. The manufacturers want to rename High Fructose Corn Syrup(HFCS), an ingredient name listed on the Nutrient list of food and drinks. The New name will be something like Corn Sugar. This change is because of the bad rap the Fructose syrup has been having on sales. With the nation now looking at the amount of HFCS and steering away from this ingredient, the sales of companies using this product as sweeteners has fallen down. It is used in a lot of foods from cereals and snacks to juices and sodas.

Oh, I see.. folks are now reading the labels and choosing healthier products with natural sweeteners. Good for them! The industries think by changing the name to Corn sugar it will imply that this is a natural sweetener. True it is made from corn, however it is processed into a chemically enhanced sweetener. Too Much of this product can cause excess weight. Which can lead to other health issue in the future. I think folks are choosing wisely and deciding to cut back on products with High Fructose Syrup in it. This is a good direction to go. Have you seen the commercials on this HFCS? The one with the lady serving a drink with HFCS? She states that it is good for you in moderation. Those were done to help the sales return to the upward trend. That did not seem to work , so now the name change in order to increase the sales of Products using High Fructose Syrup in them.

So, Be forewarned you might see a new ingredient name for an old ingredient. Also a new promotion of the new ingredient, which is the old ingredient. The product is still the same nothing has changed but the name of the ingredient.

Only the name has been change to protect the selling revenue of their products.

What do you think about this plan? Are you For or Against?
The FDA has not approved the name change as of today. So the debate is still out there. Also be advised that other companies have already done some fancy wording to make their product look healthier, however the product ingredients has not changed at all.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Editorial on "Closure" Can we really have it?

"Closure " a word used in our world to describe moving on with life. Every one has heard the phrase; "You must have closure to heal". So I now question this theory. It has been nine years since the Trade Tower, Pentagon and Pennsylvania plane crash event. Each year I see the videos and photos plastered on the Networks. Recently I heard a lady say.. She knows she needs to have closure, but it hasn't come to her yet. Her husband was on flight #77 that hit the Pentagon.

Now I ask is this term "Closure" really important for one to move on in life? When we lose a loved one by an act of terror, through illness or natural causes are we expected to just forget about them, lay them to rest and continue on. For that is truly what Closure means. To close that chapter of your book for life, so one can move forward.

How can one forget about such a loss? I think it is not possible. Many times when folks lose a loved one, they were close to, a part of that person stays with them. You might say they became entwined at some point. It is not uncommon to think about the person throughout the years. With an anniversary of their departure having been impregnated in your mind.

Is this a Healthy state of mind? Yes I think so. Remembrance is a core of who we are. The things we do are done with the memory of things once done. Our whole life is based on things past. Isn't it common to hear phrases like..When I was younger... Way back When.. When I was your age... I remember when...We have always done it this way... It's Tradition that's why we do it. All these phrases have to do with the past. We grow up with the knowledge of former years. Therefore Closure in its form of the pain of loss going away will not happen. Oh yes we will go numb at the thought of crying and we will be able to handle our life without the loved one. However the anniversaries and certain places will affect our emotions.

I want to close with a story about me. Several years back my Mother took me to a Support Group for Fallen Officers. I thought this will be fine. I was very young when Grandfather was murdered and I have never been emotional about it. So off I went. During the session I got so upset. Never realizing that his untimely death would trigger so many things in the future. For you see, He would never be able to see me grow up, graduate college, get married, have a child or any other things that happened or will happen in my life. I was so upset that it took me months to sort though those thoughts. Now every year when I go to the Memorial Service I get that feeling in the pit of my stomach, a tear or two might leak out and I remember my Grandfathers life and how it affected mine. Today my Daughter knows her Great Grandfather even though she has never met him. She knows the history of him and about his untimely death.

So you see "Closure" is not the word to use here. For it is not really putting an end to it or forgetting about it. The main thing is to hold it dear and close to us, Lest we forget how that person or thing affected our lives today.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gable Solar Fan- A Green Choice

Attics tend to hold the heat of the day. This can cause your energy costs to raise. Our main house attic is hot even though we have insulation in it. Hubby decided to have an attic gable solar fan installed. During the day the sun will power the fan to remove the heat from the attic space. That should help with the daily build up of heat. the same company we used for our House solar installed the fan. We purchase the gable solar fan from Lowes and had it installed. One could easily install it themselves. However hubby can not do the work due to current health issues. So we contracted the installation out. It is only run by solar power.
The attic exhaust fan...
This will be hooked to it's own solar panel,
for it's power source

We have decided the best place to mount the solar panel is on the chimney.

Fan installed in the attic-view

Ron working on the solar panel install...
the chimney fire usage should not effect the panel.
It is far enough down to remain free of soot.

The finished look...

The company we love to use-their sign.
We highly recommend them. If you live in the eastern coast area,
Virginia, Maryland Delaware,New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
Give them a call tell them Auntie E and Steve sent you.
Jack is the person we work with he is very good at answering your questions
and designing a solar system to meet your needs.

Yesterday was the first day the fan was in use. We noticed to Upper floor cooler. Our air-conditioning seem to run less. I notice that yesterday when the temps out side was in the upper 90's. Our air-conditioner was not running, and the house was holding it's 78 degree temp on the floors. I think this was a good move for our Green Minded Living.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Updates- A Yearly Review.

I have noticed a trend in my writing style. Trying to keep this Blog on subject content is a goal of mine. Looking back I started out on weight control and my struggles. Working with the Wii and other products. Searching for the product that will be my Niche. Later on I realized not too many passer-byers were interested in my struggles. Folks seem to stay for a while but as the year goes on they lose interests. What more can one write about? We have covered all there is. Just eat healthier and exercise that is the answer to a healthier you.

Then when Hubby convinced me to look into the Green thing, I realized that this was worth writing about. Going solar was a great step for us. But was that the only Green thing to think about? How about expanding to the environment to the home. Is our Home healthy, do we have products that are unhealthy in them and how can we change that?

The Going green and living healthier idea became a way of life for us. It is such an important aspect to living a longer life. However I have notice not very many visitors are interested. Notice this not just on this blog but on other Green blogs as well. No comments in their post sections.

What is wrong with this picture? All the research we do can not convince folks to get on the bandwagon and look at their lives and habits. How were we trained up? There seemed to be a generation that really do not care about living healthy. My assumption is this is a younger, under 30 some, that are only interested in the now. I too was like that until recently. After Mom got cancer and I started to learn more about our environment being the cause for some types. Like the way we eat, the things we breath, the products we use, and the regions we live in. This made me think twice about my home environment, my families life and what can be done to change the life of cancer and unhealthy living on our planet.

Some companies have started to change their product ingredients. Some Stores have made a stand on waste landfill product using. Counties and Cities are redefining their recycling plans. I think we are as a nation working on this matter and trying to recreate a healthier environment.

Now back to this blog content. My main reason for looking back at the content is to make this a better blog. Taking a over all view of the contents. What was interesting to the readers and what was just Blogfill. I will be looking at ways to enhance my site . You can help by giving me feed back. Did you like this years changes? What would you like more of?
I will continue to do my Monthly Updates on Solar and Going green. That is for all those wanting real life feed back of product productions.

My family is getting more Green minded in our thinking. The above photo is of my family, Hubby, Lyd and me. We are going green together. Raising a green minded generation child is our goal. Life long and prosper in a healthier earth.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday- The Blame Game Continues

I have been hearing a lot on the news and reading a lot on the web about this BP Oil accident. How interesting the blame game gets. First we are stunned by the accident, feared for the lives lost and the men hurt. Next the feelings of cleaning up and the environmental impact on the gulf ,its animals and our shorelines. Then the effect it has on the Fishing Boat companies and the employment income of the fishermen and small towns businesses. Later on, the blame game starts. Who is going to pay for the effects this Accident has caused nationwide. The cleanup, Lost income, and the ongoing Lawsuits.
BP seems to be blaming Transocean for the explosion. As stated here:

"Lamar McKay, chairman of BP America, told the first of two Congressional hearings into the environmental catastrophe that it was Transocean which conducted the well drilling operations.

Now I ask you, do you think this is a problem caused by BP oil or is it Tranocean's . You see if Transocean is the one who owns the rig and the equipment then shouldn't they be responsible for the Explosion and aftermath cost?

My Husband put is this way.....If you rent a home and the gas line to the home causes an explosion, the renter would not be a fault. The owner would have to file the claim for the insurance and the owner would receive the money. then the owner could be held responsible for the renters losses. Is it the Renter responsibilities to maintain the Gas lines? The renter assumes that the gas lines are safe and that the owner has done their job in creating a safe environment to live and work in.

So now that I have the rest of the story, my question is Who really is at fault and who should be paying for the aftermath of this accident? Any thoughts from you?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Traffic Down?

I have notice the traffic is down. Oh I know been on vacation, summer time, busy life and all the other things that play in the situation. Was wondering how things are in your neck of the woods?

We have been in and out this summer. As my family says...I keep busy! That's true Being busy extends the life of me. Love traveling and finding out new things. So I will continue to stay busy.

What's on the agenda for the next few weeks? I will be working on the Dungeon, It will get a new name soon. Oh I have plans for that room. It use to be the sewing room until this summer. I know you will love the new look, stay tuned. You know School will be starting back up in a week. That means Fall is around the corner. I love that time of year! It will be time for some Fall cleaning and getting ready for our winter.

While on vacation I notice a few things. This year we Drove to our destinations. On the way we saw Wind Turbines, and Nuclear stacks, Coal mining, and the power of Water.

One thing that bothered me was the litter. Just can not understand why folks will not use the trash receptacles. Looking out at the Mighty Niagara I saw this.....
so what's wrong in this picture. No way to get it out,
so off it will go to the waterways of the Mighty Niagara.

Such a beautiful place and sight to see.. Litter just distorts the view.

Do you notice the Litter when you travel and what goes through your mind?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just my thoughts on Inflation

Inflation a word that had become a normal one in our society. It's Up and Down so much one has trouble keeping up with it! I heard it is down now, however the market doesn't show it. So I wonder, does the Government think it has a true picture? I really wonder that often.
Last week I went to the store to buy some Flour. the price jumped to 5 dollars for a 5 lb bag! Oh boy, I did not buy it. So I did some research to see what was going on.
I found out that the wheat prices have jumped 75% in August. Hey folks this is the begining of that month. Now I know the flour milled is not from this months yield. the other thing that struck me was this cost increase is from Russia's Grain. How can that possibly affect our Grain? I think we have become to world minded and the stock market has too much control on Prices. What to do?
Now that's a good question. What is one Nation to do about this matter. I believe the Greed of money will be the fall of all of the nations. Folks will not be able to buy staples and we will have a lot of sick folks. Could of President control the Market? I do not believe so. My thought is he tried that with the House industry and look what happened. Houses in foreclosures and the lost of retirement funds. It is not good for government to have control of the market.
So how does one control the prices? When I took Economics 101 the main control was Supply and Demand. This is based on a consumer control theory. If the consumer doesn't buy it, the price will go down. Sometimes I think folks forget this simple fix to inflated prices. I know that the cost can be impacted by weather,insects and harvest conditions. However it is still within the consumer power to control the market prices.
Now I read the wheat from Russia makes up a great percentage of the wheat used world wide. this could affect the prices world wide. We have to keep in mind the other countries will profit from this shortage. So as the consumer we have to look at how much is that wheat worth to us and are we willing to pay the inflated store prices?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday's Travels

We are on our way to Niagara Falls Canada. It is a two hour drive from our reunion site. Looking forward to visiting the Hydro Plant as well as seeing the Falls. It has been years since I have been to the falls. I was about eight or nine I think, this will bring back such grand memories for me.
I do not remember visiting the Plant though, so this will be a new one. will be on the look out for some healthy sights to post here.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordful Wednesday- Our County Bee Keepers

Okay I have a hard time not sharing, so I thought I would make this post a Wordful Wednesday one.You can visit Seven Clown Circus for a look at more.

At the Fair we Visited.....

The Honey Table.
Look at all those ribbons.....

so many to choose from.....

Now Honey is a great tasting food. Everyone I know loves it. There are so many different flavored ones, some are produced by the flower bees, then you have the wild ones. In our area we have bee keepers. Every year the county Fair has entries.

Last year we purchased this one.

When we had a bad cough and could not shake it , the doctor told us to take a tablespoon of honey. The properties in the honey work wonders for coughs. So we open the Fair Honey and boy every one loved it. You know it worked wonders on that cough. After that I used it a lot in cooking and hot teas as well as a spoonful every now and then for medicinal reason.

This year there was a new honey from the wildflowers bees that took first place. So I had to purchase some.
Here it is.

I was able to get a 2 pound size of last years winner as well. I did not see any out, but then I saw the beekeeper put two jars out. Before one could say Bee, I was scooping it up. Now you know every year the taste changes. That the great thing about local fresh honey. We haven't opened the jar yet. However I know it will be just as good. The Bees had a great year.

Buying local also means it is fresh. Still supporting the local Bee Keepers and It's an all American products. The phone number and address are on the jars, you can call them and see if there is still some available. Hurry before they sell out, Tell them Auntie E sent you.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Our County Fair

Well it's that time of year for County Fairs to pop up. This year my daughter will be entering 5 photographs to be judged. I love going to the county fair. The Livestock shows and the homemade items are always a join to see. It reminds me of my younger years when I was in 4H. My love of sewing, cooking and farming started then. Mom learned had to Can vegetables and fruits. I learned how to sew, knit and all kinds of handwork.
In today world these fair are not doing so well. The participation is down and the visitor numbers are falling. Our county seems to be falling to the saga of Farmers selling property, mostly due to Rising taxes. Our farmers are having a hard time even sell their crops in the local area. Trying to maintain a farm and pay the rising county and operating costs are driving them out out the area. They are giving into the contractors, selling for high amounts and relocation to other states. Or just retiring the farming business.
In a county that once was a thriving Farming community, it has change quite a bit in the 15 years we have lived here. The trip to the fairgrounds, once a country drive has turned into a drive with New homes and very little farmland. Oh the Days of the past have gone. there is little one can do to stop this madness. With this economy this is the outcome in today society.
We will continue to go and try to support the County Fair. If you live in an area that has one, try to go, this a truly a Green thing to do. Support our young farmers and learn more about the life on a farm. I really miss farming.

photos courtesy of
Howard County Fair Website.
take a trip to the site(link above)
for times and shows