Friday, April 8, 2011

In The News-A Shutdown Pending?

Lately listening to the news has been a downer. Hearing about this possible shut down is not a pleasant thought. It has me wondering what these elected officials are thinking. Do they relize that we are close to a recession or that folks are struggling with putting food on their table and a roof over their head. How about the folks who are close to bankruptcy.
Oh yes the Elected Officials do not lose any pay, due to the constitution. It states that we can not with hold their pay or dock their pay. Even though I understand that provision, It angers me.

They have had all this time to pass this budget bill. To hold it up on what we call "Riders" is just crazy. My thought is just get rid of them and just focus on the budget. Those Riders should be a different matter. I think that is the main problem in passing bills, Too Many Riders and Pork in these bills. Probably because one could not get them through on their own merits.

If the Government does shut down, folks where I live will be severely effected. Military families and government families will be close to losing their homes. Not being able to get the pay back will put them in a more financial bind. With little Jobs available here, there is no way to bounce back.

What are these Officials thinking? Hey we are out here and are depending on you to do YOUR JOB in the time allowed. You all are not succeeding well.

I just heard that it is all about Funds to Plan Parent Hood! What are they thinking. We should not be giving them funds in the first place. In a nation of debt, we should be cutting out the extras. We passed a health bill, why on earth do we need to pay a Private business too?

Come on folks, put your two cents in. Let me know what you think about this issue?