Saturday, October 27, 2012

Argan Oil for Dry skin

Have been using pure Argan Oil for about one week now. Having Very Dry skin has been my demised. Really have seen a difference with this oil. My skin is not as dry , all my itching has stopped and my feet are finally getting better.  The feet were so dry that this where always pealing. I start using the Argan oil on them and have seen a great difference. The red dry sections are healing and the a not peeling as much. I will continue to use it on the feet.
Having a problem with my arms and the dryness for many year, now I can see the light. Putting the 100% pure oil, no additives ( perfumes or other oil) is make a total difference. The skin is smoother and less itching caused by dryness.
Why is my skin so dry? I am guessing it is caused by Menopause. In the 90's I had my ovaries and uterus removed due to illness. I was on hormone therapy until I turn 50 and then I went off. Noticed that my skin started to get drier. Always had dry skin but this was even more than usual. Trying all kinds of products from pure vitamin E to Bees wax, nothing seem to be working. Only a few hours of moisture relief.
Saw a product called Argan Oil on a shopping network. There was a return policy I could not refuse.  Yes it was expensive, but I have been trying a lot of product and have spent so much that why not try it. After a week I have seen quite a change. I do want to really emphasize that this is 100% pure Argan Oil. Noticing that I did have other products with argan oil in it, however they had other additives. These additives are alcohol base. They include perfumes and other oils in them, be sure to read the labels. It might sound good but if there are other products in it, that can be counter active on the oils properties. Causing the effects of the oil to not adsorb as it should.
I found that this product is not greasy at all and I can use it all over my body, even my dry hair. For now I am sold on the product. If you would like to know where to get it, e-mail me and I will direct you to the product.
will be giving updates on this product as I continue to use it. As with every product Time will tell.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Entrecard is No more. You will be Missed.....

Well in the Bloggerworld things are in one day and out another. As I have found out Entrecard is Down and Out. It seems that Entrecard was sold to Ziprunner in 2009. Since then there has been problems keeping it up and runner. The Ziprunner group  has decided not to work at keeping it up.  Therefore shutting down the site service.  Causing the end to Entrecard.

Now I still had lots of points in there for advertizing. All I can say is  the blogs that were visited by me,through my favorites in Entrecard, will be missed.  There were a lot of bloggers that I meet through Entercard and My hope is that I will still be able to find them.

Please follow me, so I can still visit your blogs. It has been a great  four years with Entrecard. Now it is time to look for another service. I will be searching out one soon.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Entrecard Widget Down

You might notice that the Entrecard widget has been removed from my Blog sites. It seems that the site is having technical trouble. It has been down for several days. I found that when trying to load my sites this is causing a delay. So, until they are up and running again the widget will remain off.

I read that there has been some problems with the service. I hope this doesn't mean they are down for good. However I will be looking for some other services to use. If you know of a good one leave me the info in my comments. Thanks.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Summer of Strange Things

The weather has been pretty hot here. Which has been good for the Solar Power. However not so good for the environment. With very little rain and the heat so high, we have had to run the air conditioner constantly.  Not good for the Green gasses. Must say I really do not like the high heat.

My rain barrels are getting low. Therefore I must use the county water for the garden. We do have underground springs in our lawn. They seen to be low also.

Has anyone been having problems with Tree Frogs? We have so many that at night it sounds like we live in the country! Sitting out in the evening and watching the frogs and hearing them call to each other is very strange. There is also a  bunch of cicada wasp. These wasp collect Cicadas and line them up on our front steps. Each day I go out there I see eleven  or twelve line up in a row. The family has seen the wasp bring them in and line them up. These wasps do not attack humans, as long as we do not bother them. Any one seeing these things in their yard?

I think we are enjoying the creatures of the heat. We even have had Deer, fox and rabbits on our street. This has been a very strange summer here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Going Green Together- Green flooring?

We have been looking for ways to improve our Green home. So far we have added a home solar system. Have installed green flooring and  used no VOC paints on the walls. Most all of our lights are  Green Zones. Still need to paint a dinning room and the ceilings, install new carpets and a kitchen floor.

Although I do not like the lighting we have. One thing  that really bugs me is the amount of illumination of the  green lighting. Feel it is just not enough for my daily tasking. Not to mention the time it takes to brighten up. Not sure I like the new order to have all new green lighting and discontinue the incandescent  bulbs. In some of the lights I like the incandescent lights, especially the three way lights. How do you like the new greener lights? Feedback would be good for me. Perhaps you like a certain brand.

Now on to the flooring. I have come to love the bamboo flooring. If you remember I install the Vintage Sewing Room floor with a striated bamboo floor. Thinking of doing the same in the Kitchen. Although we did  find a floor covering from Pergo that we like and It is all green. That will be the next big project for us.

Being able to Go Green is getting easier now. There are more products available at better or equal to the cost of traditional  ones. Love going to the stores and checking out the Newer items. Did you know that sometimes you can order directly from the manufacture. In most case you can hirer a certified installer to do the work. Although installation in most case is easy to do and the instructions are online. Be sure to check out the warranty before deciding on the  way to install it. Some companies will only warranty if you have it installed by a  qualified person. In that case find out if they will install if you purchase the product. This could be tricky, as most will not. However remember it is the manufacture  who is giving the warranty not the installer. One more thing to remember, Check out the warranty... What does it cover and what are the terms. Found that some warranties are really useless. Sometimes it is not worth the extra cost to have it install be a authorized person. Every manufacturer sites has the warranties posted. Know the Product warranty  and conditions of installations before  you get the information from the local installation company. We found that sometimes the installer company has no idea that the manufacture will only warrant a certain type of installation in certain rooms.

We had a company tell us they would not glue it down only nail it and the warranty stated the nailing the product would cause clips and that would not be covered on the warranty. Also it stated the gluing it was the manufactures recommendation in the kitchen. Due to the moisture and wearing. We decided not to go with that flooring , or the Local company because they did not know the product they were selling. So as you can see doing you homework can save you headaches in the future.

I hope this information will help you in all you decision on Go Green. if you have any questions or suggestion for me please leave them in the comment section. I will try to answer them or research it for you.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Living Green Updates

Our Solar System is giving us great power. The electric bills have been down. We have produced 7411 this year. Our lifetime energy is 17,846 kWh. September through February are the lower production months. We live in the Eastern United States and therefore tend to get snow and storms. During the other months the sun is up most of the time and our production is good.
The Other day I was enjoying the sunny weather  outside and I watched the Meter go backwards. Love seeing that!
So far We are pleased with the solar power. As for the RECs, *Renewal Energy Credits, We had to change company's. We are now selling at a fixed rate. So, with the money we get for the RECs we are still spending on a yearly average of 50.00 per month for all our utilities needs.
Lifetime numbers:
lifetime energy is17,846 kWh (Nov 09 to May 12)
We have reduced your carbon footprint equivalent to:
29,616 pounds of CO₂
planting 329 seedlings grown for 10 years.
not driving 29,328 miles in a standard car. 

If you are interested in the type we have and our decision to go solar, please click on the Solar power link under OUR SOLAR PROJECT on the side bar. You will see more on this subject.

Now unto the Going Green Together. Our recycling process. I have to say we are not doing well at the stores. I have back slid some. However I will get back on board  trying to make a difference. I tend to shop more online then in the stores now. We still try to use less plastics at the grocery store. I think I might start having the store deliver to me. That way I will use less gas and bags.
Have notice that we are still at 1 trash can pick up. Might I say it is a normal size can. Most of the time it has only one bag of garbage in it. Also we have more recycles so, doing well on that field.  How are you doing on this Project?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Technology- Good Or Bad

Ever Wonder about all this new technology and knowledge we all are hearing about? Have been watching and reading about all kinds of things lately. New ways to get fitter ( at least new to us). Newly developed technology gadgets. How did we live before them ( It's starting to cloud my mind). Let look at a couple new things.

First off technology, GPS systems. We leased a new car it has a built in GPS (Global positioning system). Now this really isn't new. Our Military and Planes have been using it for decades. However someone thought of the idea of giving us that technology. I remember learning to read a map and learning about those little marker on the highway roads. You know the ones, they tell you what mile you are at on that states road, Very good to know if you need help out there. Well, now days with the GPS on our cell phone and in our cars, we can give the exact spot! not to mention my car with Onstar can relay it even if I can not. So I guess that has freed up some of our brains to learn and store something new. Now do you think this is a good thing? Heck we do not even have to plan out a route anymore, the Google maps and other maps it sights will do that for you. Just think everyone will know where you are at. Parents and get that GPS for there kids phone and tracks them. Technology can be both a good thing and bad idea.

I do like new technology, movies and TV shows off the internet from any smart pad is a great thing. I have been looking into getting a Kindle Fire. Thinking I might like to explore that. Any one have it already?

Smart phones are another oh lets say good and bad technology. I think the family table and togetherness has been great invaded on. Like having the ability to use it, but do not like the texting, nonstop fingers everywhere. Not to forgot to mention the handsfree talkers out in the public forum. It always amazes me how people do not care that they are talk in midair and everyone is hearing their business. Sometime I just want to say "Are you Speaking to Me". that phrase comes in my mind several times in a day. How did we live with only Landlines? I still have one, I know I am just old fashion. However we do have a computer line phone and four Cell phones. So I am not so old fashion.

I think I will wait for later to reveal the health side of this new technology. We are in the midst of learning a lot on that subject.

So I have a few questions for you all. Do you have any of the things mention? Are you thinking good and bad thing about them and last of all....Are you one who talks handsfree out there?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's been a while-I'm BACK!

Yes I have been caught up in a little Family saga. What's been going on you ask... Well I am trying to size down, Hubby is having Health issues, daughter is now a senior in school, need I say more!

Having a senior is a busy thing. Driving issues, working jobs and school/social events are occupying our time. I am excited for her, We will be looking into colleges pretty soon. We have a Chicago trip plan for April. Then a few more the following months. Her plan is to start out in the local community college and then transfer to a University. Since she is an only child, I think that is a good move. As a parent I have mixed feeling on this. I still see her as my little girl. Laugh every time I see this commercial with the father taking to his daughter as she is off to college in the new car.

Hubby is getting ready for surgery on Tuesday. Then we will have to have another one for the Kidneys. Monday we had 3 doctors appointments back to back. The first one Urology, Kidneys still not making good progress. She stated we will need to schedule surgery, right after the Shoulder one. Next stop the GP, She stated the we need to bridge the Blood thinners to prepare for surgery. That means today we started the Shots. Good thing I have a Nursing background. It helps with giving the shots and recovery. Since this one is a outpatient surgery. Last stop the Cardiologist, Heart looks good, ready to go.

Now we have to have all the test for the surgery. Xrays and blood, we are now in the process of those. Plus he has test ongoing with the urologist. These medical issues are occupying my mind and time greatly.

Now on to my Weight loss process. Doing well, clothes getting bigger and I am feeling pretty good. Starting on Raspberry Ketones to help with my metabolism. Hoping that they will help me pass the Stalemate on the scales. I will surely let you know how they work.

Have been reading up on some Herbals helps and beginning to incorporate them in my daily plan. Hoping they will give me a healthier body.

Now to the Eco part of the blog...

We are looking into replacing the kitchen floor with a new Green floor. I really love the color and texture of it. It has No VOC's and that sounds great to me. At some point In am hoping to have a totally VOC free home. Then just maybe we will retire in a breathe easy home. Need to repaint some rooms, Will start in the kitchen. More on that later. Yes the Spring is just around the corner time for in house projects.

Our Solar power is doing well. This year our Electric Bills have been very low. That is good, giving us more money for the upgrades to ECO friendly things.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Thrifty Tip- Flu and Colds, Are you ready?

We are all trying to stay healthy during our Winter Flu season. Here are a couple things to add to that list of preventative items.

Mushrooms, that's right eat plenty of mushrooms. Mushrooms contain Selenium, which is a chemical that help the immune system. They also have B vitamins. The key is to eat them raw so that the full value of their immune properties are there. So add them to your salads and eat them as a snack

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Thrifty Tip

This is a New topic I am adding. With the economy being so much in the News and on our minds, I decided to give a weekly thrifty tip.

Many years ago when I lived on my own, I did not make much money. Had to figure out how to live on limited funds. I took the lead from my Mother. She had to feed and cloth a family of six and sometimes more ( foster children and family members) . I remember things she did to make life seem like we had plenty. Sharing some of those tools and ideas will be my pleasure.

So for the first one for this 2012 New year I chose a Winter one. although you could use this any time of year. My Mother was able to take us to concerts, bowling, get donuts and almost anything and the cost was very little and sometimes nothing. Now back then in the 60's, she used the newspaper and word of mouth from friends and neighbors. Today we have the Internet, kind of like our Friends and neighbors and to some the new Newspaper. Thought I would give you a link to check it out.
Now I went to this site and put my e-mail in, that way they will send me daily deals. I can decided on things to do and get the family out of the house. Once you are at the site click on change city. Choose the city closes to you and sign up.

Let me know what you think of this topic. Will it be of interest to you?

disclaimer; I have not been paid or compensated in any way for this post by

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Tell All-What's up for 2012

Trends seem to change year to year. Last year 2011 was a year for messy hair, or more easy fluff and go hair. Year 2012 is thought to be the year for the Pixy return . Remember that one? I had one in the late 60's. Twiggy Lawson was the Super-model back then, her hair and style was sought after. Now I think this is amazing that the new trends are going back to the 60's.
Take a look at these:

Seventeen magazine

the hair
Twiggy 1968
Now the Pixy Hair cut can be a longer one or the short one. The new style will be more on the Long top one, more like Twiggys' style was.

Last year on the fashion side, Colored lace was big. Oh I had lots of that. I must say I loved it. I hope it stays in fashion for this year. So It is thought that the biggest trend will be Pastels. That means it will be more neutral color ones.Perhaps you are one who like to hold true to your color wheel. Pastels are not on your palette Maybe just add one and mix it up with basic black and browns tones. Now I tend to like the pastels. One can just add a little something from their color wheel in a lighter shade. Look for a scarf , purse or belt. Now of course that color wheel is not an in thing any more, just thought one should know. With that said, we all know what colored look good on us. So we tend to stay true to those colors. Wearing the Pastel on the bottom half can be the answer to being in trend. Look for pants or skirts with the pastels in it. Put the neutral colors on the tops.

As you can see Twiggy is also wearing Pastels. I wonder if the Fashion world made this correlation . In the late 60's I had pastels oranges and pinks. Well I will say, my hair will not go back to a pixy, However the pastels will be added for me. Maybe I will get a new pixy wig to be in style. I still love the long hair and bobs. We will see what I decided to do in the summer.
Who knows by that time fashion can change again. Or perhaps these folks have it all wrong.

Photos courtesy of Twiggy Larson- Official site

Monday, January 2, 2012

What's happening....

Now that we are in a new year, things are changing already. There are several things that have happened. One, free advertisers are closing down, like Adgitize,CMF and some other one.
Two I have notice blogs are slowing down as to visitors. However, Social sites like Twitter and Facebook are growing. Three, there was no person of the Year on the Time Magazine, only a group of people( protestors). Four, the Rose Tournament parade and Rosebowl game was moved to January 2. What happening? Does this mean 2012 will be a year of changes and life as we know it will be different?

I think so. The internet will be changing and the readers will want different material to view. We will be looking at people differently. Travel will be looked at in a different eye. Will we go to new places or just stay close to home. I am so eager to see what will happen to the BloggerWorld. Will we still be blogging and what will your content be in this New Year.

My Daughter is graduating High school, so I know our World will be changing. My blogs will probably change also. I hope to do more on my Kitchen/ Food blog. I little more on the Review blog and just maybe this one will see some real changes. Maybe even a New Look.

Health and Long life is still on every ones mind. Therefore I do not think this one will go away. However the content could see a big change. Maybe inspired more on News and New technology, New findings as well as New information on being healthy.

Well 2012 will be a brand New look and views on all things. I know that online outreach will be a great tool used on changing thing. Just like it made the Bankers rethink their added fees. The power of this tool can be the one thing that is used to make changes and keep folks in check.

Happy New Year to you all and most of all make a difference this year in some way.