Thursday, June 12, 2014

Those Dreaded UTI's- Need a Natural treatment?

 Source Naturals D-Mannose 500mg, 120 Capsules

A few weeks back one of those Urinary Track Infections (UTI) started to show its head. Those are so not fun to have. If you do not catch it early on it can manifest its self into a really bad Bladder or Kidney infection. Women are so prone to these, because of our body makeup.

Going to the doctor can be such a hassle, getting in is sometime impossible on the same day you feel it coming on. Then they want to put you on Antibiotics, which I can not take the sulfa choice one.  The thought came to me there must be another choice. So I began to search.

I purchased two books on UTI treatments and preventions.  The Preventions was simple and already known to me. Wipe from front to rear, wash before sex (for both parties), urinate and wash after sex, and drink cranberry juice. Hygiene is the number one prevention. So that was okay to know but, what about treating it once you have it. That is what I really needed to know!

Well I found a treatment that is not Antibiotics.  D-Mannose herbal supplements.  you can get it at any Vitamin store. We got it at GNC and then Online. So the key to taking this is to make sure you are in the early stage of the UTI, No back pain or fever. Then 500 mg every 2 to 3 hours with a 8oz glass of water for 5 days. Yes I know you are thinking, what a hassle. But I will tell you it worked! By the second day  on it I was feeling better and by the fifth day I was fine. No UTI symptoms.  Like the fact I did not have to take Antibiotics or go to the doctor to be told what a already knew.

On the third day I added two other supplements,  Turmeric and Olive Leave Extract. Will talk about those later. For Now I would like to tell you how the  D-Mannose works. Most UTI's are caused by E-Coli from us not the food borne one.  Our makeup just can easily cause that to happen. The D-Mannose works as a magnet making it hard for the e-coli to stay attached on the wall of the bladder. When the e-coli attaches itself to the D-Mannose cell it becomes encapsulated  and get urinated out. Cleaning the bladder of the e-coli and preventing it from multiplying at a very fast rate. That is one reason it can develop into a full flagged bladder kidney infection  rather fast. So keeping a 500 mg in the bladde for every 2 to 3 hours works well in riding the e-coli bacteria cells. There were no side effects, like yeast infection or upset stomach.  One thing is you should stay away from sweets and caffeine for the five day. Stick to Water only. It will work better. Most of the juices on the market have sugar in them. The bacteria feeds of the sugar, so stay away from it, don't feed the bacteria. the caffeine is a drying agent and you want to urinate the bacteria out. So stay hydrated.

Now onto the Turmeric and Olive Leave Extract. These two herbs together help with other factors that could be playing out the the Urinary Track system. Sometimes other bacteria can be also  at play in the UTI. Adding these two will combat them.  These two herbs are known as Biofilm Busters. These works to break up Biofilm.  Biofilm are cells of resistant bacteria that can created a barrier to protect its colonies and continue to grow.  They are like a DNA strand  created by the bacteria. That is why sometimes it takes more than one dose of antibiotics to clear the infection. Adding these two helped in the last days and by the 8th day I felt good, back to normal. I took one capsule  of each twice a day with my food, breakfast and dinner.

How about a maintenance  dose to help in not getting the infections. Take two D-Mannose once a day with 8 oz of water. Take a dose of the Turmeric and Olive Leave Extract daily. I still slit it with my meals. This combination should help in preventing the Infection. If it helps and keep my system healthy it is well worth it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Going Green Together- Solar Updates

Well, this is are first real  situation with the panels. It is with the Squirrels. they decided to build a nest under the solar racks on the Roof. I noticed it about a week ago. We tried to deter them from  continue going up there. One thing we did was put a pest deterrent box in the attic. It seems to work however I still saw them up there. Order a New one just for squirrels, guaranteed to repel them with 5000 Sq ft. We called the solar power folks to come and remove the nest and chest the system.
They removed the nest and found that the squirrels had removed the roofing tiles to the wood. So we are replacing them now. They did chew a few of the wires, they are fixing that.
We need to make sure the critters do not return to the site. So we will be putting a net of some sort around the unit. This is something that that do. you might  consider that when they first put it up. It would a alleviate a lot of headache. He said that they had Raccoons set up nest under there also.
we wouldn't a thought that critters would do that on a slanted rooftop. However now we and you do too.

As for the Power bills, they have continued to decline. Last months was 45.11! Yes that right, from 200.00 to 45. We have continued to see lower bills thought the years.  The learning curve of being more frugal when are energy usage . Cutting back on a mount of things running, making light blub changes,  and turning the temp to a higher number in the summer and a lower number in the winter.
Using our pellet stove more in the winter helps also.

Some time in January we notice that our Heat pump was not working. Had to purchase another one. Went with a more efficient one and we have really notice the difference for the good.  Hopefully we will see the bill go lower.

Overall the choice we made some five years ago are paying off. We are very please with the Solar Company we used and would recommend them to you. Their service is great.