Saturday, October 30, 2010

Getting the Economy Going

Heard a report yesterday that the Economy is getting better. The numbers are climbing up a little. Well, It must have been these blinds we purchase for the Laundry room. We are trying to save on energy, that is the loss of heat. Our addition has good windows but, they are not as great as the newer ones. Buying new windows for this room could be very pricey. Not to mention would have to be special ordered. For the laundry room is 9 foot by 12 foot and the windows are across that space. So, the next best thing was Insulating blinds.
Now these are remote control which is good because...the windows are behind things. Items like Cabinets, Pellet stove and a washer and dryer. Strings are not a thing I want anymore, due to the dangers to kids. As well as they are unsightly things, string hanging down and getting tangled up, not my kind of neatness. Gliders would not work because of the reaching around furniture, I would need a ladder to operate them. We visited a window treatment store and found Remote blinds. Ah... these are them, the perfect ones for our needs.

Last evening they were installed and boy do we Love them! I believe this was the greatest birthday present from hubby to me. Now I have a great Laundry room and it will be a warmer one in the winter and cooler in the summer. I can still look out at a push of the finger on a remote receiver.

You're welcome Mr President for our contribution to the up swing of our economy. The only thing is this will probably just offset the electric bill. So, it will most likely be a wash in the months to come. Oh well that's how the Numbers go...Up and Down!

Blinds opened....

Blinds closed.....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Science and Engineering Expo-Windpower

Oh the Science and Engineering of the wind power system. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we need the wind to carry our energy. thinking how a tornado's wind has so much energy. Able to lift Cars and pick up houses. Who knew that wind could be a good energy source? I think the ancient times knew it. Persia seems to have some history dating about 500AD. China started experimenting with windmills about 1200AD. What about the Windmills of Holland. They started refining their windmills about 1300AD. All these windmills seem to be used for harvesting water power to grind grain for food.

By the 19th century America was using the wind power for pumping water. the beginning of The 20th century we started developing windmills for the sole purpose of electricity. the first one being in Cleveland Ohio called the Brush Machine. It generated 12 kilowatts.

I find this so interesting, for you see we always think we are the first to invent things. Then we find out that ancient times folks had the same brain as us!
Well we have come a long way today with the wind power. However we had much further to go. Maybe in the 25th century we will be using wind power and solar power for our main source of electricity. Wouldn't that be great.

Now time for the photos...
from the Science and Engineering Expo.
These are Lego built Windmills.
They have a motor on them.....
the kids could see how the wind power generate power by...
using the crank they had ...
It show the cause and effect of generate power,
By cranking it a little light would appear.
Similar to how the windmills work..
using the air as it's crank.

Visit Work of the Poet for more Ruby Tuesday.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Environmental Home Cleaning

It's time for an Environmental house cleaning. Hubby have been fighting a cough and chest thing for about a month now. Has been to the doctors and been told it's Asthma! Now I tell you with no testing how can they tell that. The Fact that he has never had Asthma and now in his fifties they say that word. It has me baffled.
So, I decided it is time for a whole house Environmental cleaning. This week I will start up stairs and work my way to the basement. Using products that are green and cleaning from the ceilings down to the floors.

Our environment in the home is so important to our health. With the weather changing we need this cleaning. Most of us think of a spring cleaning but, what about a Fall in home cleaning. Most sickness happens in the fall. Flu, colds and pneumonia are among the ones. Could our home air be the source? This is an ongoing question for the health industry. Some feel it has a great impact due to the fact we spend so much time in the home.

So are you ready to do an Environmental Home Cleaning with me? Let's have a sick free season this year. What do you think does the home environment contribute to of health woes?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Advertising Your Blogsite.

When I first started out blogging, a friend suggested that I join some social networks to draw traffic. So I started looking for a couple. She steered me to her page to click on and check some out. Last year I joined Adgitize, an network designed to lead traffic to your blog. At first I need to learn how it worked. Only adding one blog, this one, at the time.

This is how it works. Once you request to join then you're on your way to earning money. By clicking on 100 Ads daily you earn points. You also earn points for having a Adgitize widget on your blog. When people click on it you reap the awards. Depending on how many visitors come to your page and clicks on the ad, will determine the amount. Then there is a point system for how many ads view on your blog. Each time someone click on your blog the ads change, making more ads to view on your blog. There are other way to earn points. Buy posting in the Adigitize forum one can earn points. Posting on you blog will earn you points also. Now come on, we all post more then once a week. That's easy money and if you have more then one blog it is easier to post daily. That will make you earn 100 point a day, just for posting.
Now at the and of the month your points are added and calculated in to dollars. When you reach 10.00 a payment is sent to your PayPal account. Oh you do not have one....No problem when you reach 50.00 a check is sent to you.

Now there are two services provided. One is a free service and one has a fee. The fee one has more opportunities for you and the cost is low. Consider if you earn money that will offset the amount. You can check it out by click this ad.
Adgitize your web site.

I found after a year I am doing better with the site. Learning more about the services provided. Finally opened a PayPal account and the money was sent immediately to it. What a joy to see it in there. Now I can purchase things from other bloggers easily, just using the paypal system.
I really like this network Ad media. It is easy to use and effortless to make the money.
So, what are you waiting for? Just check them out, it can't hurt and you might be surprised at the folks you already visit affiliated with Adgitize.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Going Green together- Solar and Green Updates.

It's been a while since I last updated our Green Journey. we have been doing well on all things. There are a few new green directions we want to go. but for now I will give my Updates.

As far as the solar goes, we are doing great. Here are the stats on our system to date.
Our Solar lifetime energy usage is;
6,989KwH (since we started with solar)

You've reduced your carbon footprint equivalent to:
*11,599 pounds of CO₂
*not driving 11,486 miles in a standard car.
*planting 129 seedlings grown for 10 years.

Our Power bill this month is under 150 dollars. I thought I would look at last years power bill for the same time period. The weather was about the same with a temp degree varying about 2 degrees.

October 2009 we used 2102 KwH with a daily usage of 65,7 KwH. Our bill was 325 dollars. We only used the power company's power source.
October 2010 we used 1010 KwH with a daily usage of 34.8 KwH. Our bill was 148 dollars. We used both our solar system and the power company's source.

This tells me that we have been able to handle about half of our power with our solar system. We have not changed our lifestyle at all. Mostly to see how the Solar system saved on our energy bills. We are coming up on our one year anniversary of the system. We started using it in November of 2009. At the One year mark we will start looking at other ways to conserve our energy. We want to get the bills down even more.

We are pleased so far with our solar system and feel it was a great decision for us.
Now to the Green Bags We are doing well, still a few plastic sneak in there. The family doesn't seem to carry their bags with them. I will have to work on that. We still use paper for some groceries. However I have really cut back on that amount. I think the store are doing better on the green bagging issue. Found that if you ask, sometimes the store does have a cloth option and sometime they do not charge! I like that part.
When we went to the Renaissance festival I did ask for the cloth bags and the merchants had them. I like that also.

I am now working on using products that are greener in packaging. A few things I can refill with product. This is great for not having to throw away Plastic bottles. This is my new Going green adventure.

So, how are you all doing with your Green things? Or are you just not there yet?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

VSR- It's October and They Need Help.

Today I'm working in the VSR( Vintage sewing room). Making Batman's uniform, Robinhood's garment and that Smurf's dress. Oh I just love these little ones and big ones hiring me to make their replacement clothing. Will not charge them for I can not use their form of currency in my time period.
Yesterday I finished Batman's attire, today I will work on Robinhood's wear.
As you know Robinhood robbed the rich to give to the poor. Therefore I will not take any funds from Her. Oh yes, It a female this time. Somehow I think they had a sex revolution also. More Power to the women!
Well, being this time of the year when all these folks make a showing. I'm just glad it wasn't Ghost and Mummies inquiring my service.
Stay tune for the photos later this month. For these clothes need to be on the bodies to do them justice.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Just Stuff.........

Haven't we heard that phrase " Just Stuff". What exactly is stuff? Now I have Stuff to do and stuff laying around as well as stuff to buy. That's a lot of stuff in stuff. Okay I'm just being funny. However we love to use this word in the USA. It seems whomever we talk to "stuff" comes up. Looking the word up it has several meanings,from personal property to special knowledge. If one uses it as a verb the meaning changes to fill by packing things in to stopping something up as in stuffing a pillow or stuffed up drain. I find language fascinating in that one word can meaning so many things.

So to make myself clear today.....I have stuff to do! Let's see I need to finish the costumes and roast vegetables. Make some bread and stuff meat into freezer bags. Then I have to get the stuff out of the guest room and stuff it into a box. I have laundry stuff to do and cleaning, maybe even work on some stuffed up drains. Oh I will need to phone my friend to tell her some stuff I learned this week.

My daughter is out of school today so I will need her to pick up the stuff around the house. She will probably stuff it in her drawers. Then she will have to work on the stuff she learn at school. That stuff has to remain in her head.

One word can go so far in a conversation. I have mentioned Stuff, eighteen times here. Have given you a complete detail of what I am going to be doing today. So now that I have aired my stuff, What kind of Stuff do you have or need to do?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Got Evidence: Fat, a Virus????

Can you believe it...... We are already in October. How has your Getting healthy plan worked out so far? I was able to maintain my weight through out the summer. Why is it so hard to lose weight as you get older? Once we pass a certain age we need to get our metabolism going again. Now how can one do that?

I have read various plans from Pills to certain exercise machines. Deciding which one works for you is hard. There was a time when getting old meant sagging parts of the body and weight gain. Remember the old Granny's, Jolly and Plump. Even Santa was Pictured that way. Now in this century Granny's like Mothers and Santa is getting fit. So, the question remains, Now are they doing that?

No I do not have the answer today. I know some tools that can assist us. So for the next couple weeks I will be posting another Got Evidence series. Looking for the ways one stays fit according to today's lifestyle. Can any one achieve this New Granny look or is it just in the Cards dealt one. Is Fat a Virus you catch from others (don't laugh at this one, it was a study done). Does it matter where you live, are there Thin States and Countries. Is your nationality a key factor.

What is your opinion on the subject. Do you think it depends on your genes, or is it just lifestyle? Come on, way in , you might never know how your answer might add to the equation.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Living with a C-PAP User.

Some time ago I post a article about C-Paps (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines. These machine are used to help with sleeping. One cause of early death is the lack of the body being able to rest. Without proper rest, ones body can not repair and do the maintenance needed to keep a healthy body. The Lack of Sleep can cause one to fall asleep during the wakened hours. A person would not be able to control it, for our bodies need that down time. Imagine being behind a wheel of the car and falling asleep, or at a important meeting and nodding off. This is happening more and more in today's society.

Some years back, about 15, My dad was having trouble staying awake during the work day. finding himself nodding off at a stoplight and fighting to stay awake while working and sitting. After going to the doctors he found out he had Sleep Apnea. A condition that was robbing him of night time sleep. Snoring, tossing and stopping of breath intake, causing the body not to be able to go into the deep sleep. finding himself waking up grasping for air or needing to go to the bathroom. Which is a mechanism the body uses to release the pressure built up in the blood stream caused by lack of oxygen. This is diagnosed as sleep apnea. Dad was given a C-pap machine that he strapped to his head and it forced air into his airway. Keeping his airway opened to get the air needed and to get to that deep sleep. Back then the machine where loud and cause problem for the partners sleeping routine. I remember my Mother saying it is hard to get use to the noise. However she did and was able the sleep through the night. Now if you are a light sleeper I think it would be harder.

About two weeks ago My husband was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. He was fitted with a C-pap machine . I thought Oh boy this is going to be rough for me. The newer machine are much quieter and are barely heard. Since he has been using it I have noticed that he is awake more, not falling asleep when talked to and has a energy I haven't seen in a long time. He did have to have some adjustment to the machine but, now seems to be doing well.

I wonder how many folks use this C-Pap machines. I have a few friends using them and the sleep clinics are backed up waiting to be diagnosed. Do you know anyone using one? Or is this the first time reading about this machine?
If it prolong life and give the body the time to do its functions, I think it is worth it.