Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Cleaning Routines?

Now that Phil has told us spring will be arriving early, Do you have a Spring Cleaning routine?

This year I will be making a list of things to do. Both inside and outside. this will be the first year I really do this however, I feel that the list will make it easier to get ready for the Spring.
thinking about planing to do one room at a time. Now I have seventeen rooms. Now I could do this list on the day that the outside weather is not great.
I will have a outside list also, to be done on the days the weather is great.
Let's see there are 14 weeks until June. If i plan on doing two rooms a week and two outdoor thing, I should be done by May. The will give me time to enjoy the Spring and Summer months.

So do you have a routine plan for Spring Cleaning?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Tell All- Why Are You Here?

Here's one for you.....One calls the doctor office complaining about a sore throat, low grade fever and having trouble swallowing . First off our primary physician can not see you, no openings in the office of five doctors! So they send you to an urgent care facility. Now you need to get a referral so that the insurance will pay them. On the referral it stated why you are there and what you are to be seen for. Once you get to urgent care, they take the referral, lay it aside and ask why you are here. Now you tell them exactly what's on the referral. Now one pays their co-pay and wait to be seen be a nurse. Who then ask you, why you are here. Now you go to a room wait for 15 minutes and a second nurse comes in. Asking why you are here, then takes a couple samples. You wait another 15 minutes, the Doctor comes in asking why you are here. Looks at your throat, listening to your lung through your clothes. Then says, well the tonsils look fine, no flu and no strep. Just rest and do you need a school excuse? Now that's a Routine doctor!

Now this really happened to us. I was stunned! First of all, my daughter does not have any tonsils.they were removed years ago! Second, I could see the throat was red with streaks and puss, swollen and she was truly sick. Now that was on Thursday of last week. She still is sick, with fever and sore throat.

What has happened to our medical system.... Where are all the good doctors.... What happened to the family practice doctors? Some where in the last decade we have let the medical industry go downhill. Doctors seem to be coming from every nation, with very little bedside manners and has not mastered of the American English language. It is getting harder to communicate with them. Most of the time I can not even understand them, due to their thick accent, and most important they can not understand us. We have to repeat our selves several times to a lot of folks. What happen to writing it down to be read by the next person? or can these folks read English? or Write English?

I remember a day when we had great doctors. Ones that knew you from childhood, even from birth . We could call the doctor and get seen that day for illness. Now-a-days one can make a well appoint for three months out and then within three more months get the result from that appointment! making a routine appointment lasting over 6 months! Everything is specialized. Your doctor has to send you to one that will be able to service your needs. The trouble is it takes months to get in!

Well as you can see, I am frustrated with the whole Medical system here. Yesterday I called to get my daughter in to be seen by her family doctor, an American lady that I can understand. However no appointments available for her that day or today. So I get to take my daughter to be seen by a doctor from India, who has a thick accent and I can not understand her. Now I have nothing against her county or her. However it does make it hard to communicate with her on a medical realm. I will have to ask my questions twice and listen so carefully and ask her to repeat it.

I really miss the old time Doctors. This new system is so frustrating for me. I would like to know where all the American doctors are going. Now this is one reason that I do not go to the doctors myself. I have very little faith in them. I feel one can be so sick and spend lots of money to be told you're find no flu or strep. And them die of Walking Pneumonia or some other curable disease. Then the folks say... Why didn't you take them to the doctors? Only to find out you did!

So why is the Malpractice insurance so high......well that's another door to open later. Pandora's box has many doors. Once one gets opened it causes a rift in time and the right door is never found.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Going Green Updates-Our Solar Story.

Here we are in a new year. As many of you know we have a solar system in our home. It was installed in November 2009. We have really reaped the rewards from it. Our lifetime Watts produce to this day are:

Lifetime energy=8,560 kWh (this is from November2009 to Feburary2011)

We have reduced your carbon footprint by: 14,206 pounds of CO₂ (year to date)

Now that is equivalent to:
1. Not driving 14,068 miles in a standard car.
2. Planting 158 seedlings grown for 10 years.

As far as dollar savings. Our electric bill has been almost cut in half. Some Months are under 120.00. We haven't seen that since we moved into this home, which was in the year 1999.

Getting use to using the solar system is teaching us to look at all the electric we use in this household. After about one year, that would be November 2010, we started looking at the usage in the home. Changing out light bulbs and cutting back on the amount we waste. Our bills have been going down even lower.

In the winter there is a draw back. Mr Sun doesn't always want to shine, and the snow can cover the panels and the temps do not let the snow melt as fast. These can cause a lower amount of solar energy to be delivered. Therefore February is our lowest amount produced. February tends to be the snow month for our region. We produce about half the amount as in the summertime. Even with the winter issue, we enjoy the knowledge that we are saving on the environment as well as our pockets.

Overall we are pleased with the solar system in place. That makes us look for more solar options in other lighting out doors. Saving even more on the electric bill and enviroment.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Editorial -What is Wrong Here Folks?

Today I opened my e-mail and found a link to Brents, founder of Linkytools, post.


Now I did publish an Got Evidence post on this subject last week. One thing I did mention is that I really did enjoy using His service. If you have time read the post(the link is in the hypertext above). I do not want to quote from it, just in case someone get the wrong idea.

Brent makes good sense in his article. I really can not see why other folks cut his service down. In all my dealings with him, he has been quick to help and given out tons of free advice. I think Brent did us a great service for the free years. Now as to a paying service.

A while ago as I just starting out blogging, I really could not see paying for services. It was just a hobby and a way to meet new folks in a social network frame. Why would I pay for that? Oh yeah that was my thought back then. However in my third year in blogging, I can now see the advantage of Paying for a good service. One that will help you when a question arises. As well as have a stable social network site. Brent is that person. Now I am not saying this because I am being paid for of getting any kick backs. I read the article and started to think, just maybe folks got that wrong idea on my former post.

I am not putting down Brent for going to a paid service. I believe at some point folks need to realize, free can not stay free and work well forever. If one is to really blog and hold down a following , they will need to consider paying for a social service at some piont.

Remember when Facebook was rumored to start paying for they service? Folks went crazy. There is just something wrong with this picture. Why is it we all want everything free. If Something says FREE, Everyone Flocks to it. I might add here just to get the free thing. Now do they come but and support the business later? Statistics show only about 15% or less actually return to the business. We have grown up in a Free society and now look what we have become.

Perhaps, we aught to look at the financial mess we are in and consider helping out business online as well as in the public realm. Two dollars a month is not a bad price. Heck one spends more on a cup of coffee and it's gone in about 5 minutes and no social response or lasting relationship come from that cup. Just a full stomach til we have to buy the next cup. Think about that folks.

Brent I commend you on not allowing the Cyber-bullies dictate your business moves. I think you do a great job and wish you a lot of success. I know you will give great support to those staying and the new one joining. Maybe even to those who will be returning in the future.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Got Evidence? "MckLinky is turning to a paid service" .

Well, it has come to the end of a Free Link service I used. While visiting another link site I used I saw a message.
"MckLinky is turning to a paid service with rough terms (pay or they delete your links),......".
This surprised me.. where have I been? I didn't know anything about this! So of course I had to find out what the hype was about. Where is the evidence to this statement.

Went to my account at Mcklinky, now known as Linky Tools, to check this out. I found this message




Linky Tools has grown to over 16,000 users and I can no longer continue to pay all the expenses out of my own pocket to keep it free as I have done for a couple of years. Ads and donations are not working. I have to go to a subscription service.

To keep your account from being DEACTIVATED on February 7th, please go here and read this notice. THIS IS A GENERAL INFORMATION NOTICE... IF YOU HAVE PAID, YOU'RE GOOD TO GO.

Now I get it, Free things Must come to an end. Free is really always limited and mostly timed stamped at that.

Undecided on whether I will pay this service for continuing. Sometime ago I got frustrated with having to redirect folks to another site and then hoping that they will return to my blog to comment. This patterned I just did not like. Most folks, including me, will sometimes just move on to the next name on their list or blog in their Que.
I started looking for a link tool that would not redirect my visitors. I found one that was free to use. However every free service has a paid version that gives more tools to use. At some point one need to make that move. Free services always has Limits.

Inlinkz was one of my choices. Used it for awhile as a free service. Then later paid for the service. I wanted to use more of this service and not be limited on how much I could use. Their price is not bad it was under 20 dollars for one year. Now Mcklinky is charging 24.00 for one year. It is true He has more to offer than Inlinkz. However I had to look at the features I use and I felt that Inlinkz was a better choice for me.

I really did like Mcklinky, now called Linky Tools, Brent, the creator, has a lot of link types and hops going on. I do not think the cost is too bad. I am not a user of all the tools he has available. Therefore I am not eager to pay at this time. And the one thing that really turn me off right now is the Redirect of the Visitor to link up. I know he has some features that automatically puts the visitor back to your page. However even that is not to my liking. It takes too long to return the visitor and some time it can just timeout. There are always bugs to work out on these Link sites. Brent does a good job on staying up on these bugs. Weighting the pros and cons of the two, I still choose Inlinkz at this time.

Now, so I do not loose my links from his service, I have to export them to each of my blog post. This work needs to be done by the 21st of this month. So I will be busy deciding on the ones to export and the one to just let go. To be deleted by Brent as he deletes my account. One will still be able to link on the blogs who use his service.

If you want more information on this Move by Linky Tools here is a link for you....
The Yearly Subscriptions by LinkyTools
( this will explain it further for you)

Now if you are interested in Inlinkz, here is the link to that site.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Tell All- When things happen

Ever have something go wrong and just can't figure out way? Well, that's what happened to me. Back in November I was trying to get someone to go on a trip with me. I really wanted to go, just not by myself. Asked so many family members and some friends. The problem was it was a fourteen day trip. Most folks work or have business that they can not in this economy afford to be gone that long. It was a trip of a lifetime for me. When I lived in Europe I was able to go to a lot of places. Rome, Venice, Prague, Budapest, Black forest, Switzerland, Paris, Amsterdam and many other places. While in Asia we visited the South seas area. Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and all over Korea. There are still a few other places I would love to visit. England, Ireland, and the Middle East area.

However when I had the opportunity to go to The Mideast, that enlighten my senses. The trip was a fourteen day trip to Egypt. Cairo, Aswen, Abu Simbel, Kitchener's Island, a Four day cruise on the Nile and many other stops. Well things happen for a reason. If I had gone on that trip I would be there now. It left on the 23rd of January. Let me tell you a secret....My Lord looks after me. I am convinced that's the reason it didn't work out. He was keeping me safe. I have been in war zones and it is not a comforting feeling.

Now all the folks that went on that trip were able to get out of Egypt and arrive safely in another country. They will be making their way back this week. Do not think they got to go on the cruise on the Nile. For I was told they were in Israel during that time frame.

Now the next trip I am looking forward to is Israel. Hope the conflict will be calmer by then.

Can you remember when thing just didn't work out and afterward you knew why?