Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Going Green Together 2017 Update

 It has been a while since I posted an update on our Green house.

the Solar Array: It has really been amazing. Our electric bill was 45 dollars this month! over all we have cut our bill by 3/4 ths. We are still selling our REC's  even though Maryland has decreased the  REC sales.  Hoping the states raises it's prices soon.

I think I told you we were having a problem with the squirrels nesting under the array. We did fix that and now we are in receiving full power.

Our lifetime Environmental Savings:
CO2 Emissions Avoided
41.6  tons
Miles Not Driven
89,763  miles
Gasoline Not Used
4,242  gallons
Coal Not Burned
40,494  pounds
Crude Oil Not Used
88  barrels
Mature Trees Grown
967  trees
Garbage Recycled
29,790  pounds
Recycles report:
At this time we are doing well. Our county has change up things that they will take now. This has caused us to rethink items we buy now.  They will not take any recycled plastics. Since most companies are now using  recycled materials, that makes it harder to  put them into the recycle bin. So, we are not buying made from recycle items.
I am repurposing items in our yard trying  to  not throw it into the trash bin. 
 Solar  Yard lighting: One thing that is high on our list is using the sun to light our outdoor area. Have found a lot of Solar powered lights. Some that stay on most of the night.  Our new underbrella's have both plug and solar. So we use the solar when we can.

 Flooring:   We had our upstairs flooring replaced with Bamboo flooring, I am really loving them. Thinking about doing the main floor also. 
How are you doing ?