Saturday, October 9, 2010

Got Evidence: Fat, a Virus????

Can you believe it...... We are already in October. How has your Getting healthy plan worked out so far? I was able to maintain my weight through out the summer. Why is it so hard to lose weight as you get older? Once we pass a certain age we need to get our metabolism going again. Now how can one do that?

I have read various plans from Pills to certain exercise machines. Deciding which one works for you is hard. There was a time when getting old meant sagging parts of the body and weight gain. Remember the old Granny's, Jolly and Plump. Even Santa was Pictured that way. Now in this century Granny's like Mothers and Santa is getting fit. So, the question remains, Now are they doing that?

No I do not have the answer today. I know some tools that can assist us. So for the next couple weeks I will be posting another Got Evidence series. Looking for the ways one stays fit according to today's lifestyle. Can any one achieve this New Granny look or is it just in the Cards dealt one. Is Fat a Virus you catch from others (don't laugh at this one, it was a study done). Does it matter where you live, are there Thin States and Countries. Is your nationality a key factor.

What is your opinion on the subject. Do you think it depends on your genes, or is it just lifestyle? Come on, way in , you might never know how your answer might add to the equation.

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  1. I think it depends on where you live and people around you, if your place is surrounded by junk food stores, most likely you will entice to buy and eat them as well.