Saturday, November 27, 2010

On our way Back....

It is time to hit the roads again. Time to travel back home. We have been at Virginia beach for a week. I believe we will stop by Colonial Williamsburg on our way back. I love that town especially during this season. I have been inspired to putting light up when we return home after visiting Christmas Town at Busch Gardens. So for the next months I will be posting some Holiday Cheer here. Let the Fun begin. Photo taken by Auntie E at Christmas Town of Santa's home in the North Pole. Oh I just love it, makes the kid come out in me!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A New Wii Item So I can eat Holiday foods.

Well I decided with the holidays coming I would get on board the Wii Fit train. So while out I eyed the new Wii Fit EA Active 2. This one has a heart monitor with it. Now that great for me. No more guessing is my heart rate within the target range. Now with all those extra Holiday delights , I can enjoy and just increase the Exercise to maintain the weight.

Wii is a good gift to ask Santa for! It is like having your own trainer when you want them. Even though there are fun games to play, it offers much more. Being able the change it up to be a personal trainer is a plus. Making it a better choice when it come to purchasing electronic games devices.

We purchase the Wii system a couple years ago for Christmas. We loved the Bowling and other games. Then I purchase a Wii Board last year. I like playing the Balancing games.
With the Wii I am able to do....
  • Skiing, now I can do those high jumps and not end up in a Body cast.
  • Skate boarding ,which I would never be able to do, with out breaking a few bones, if not for the Wii.
  • Then there is surfing, I always wanted to do that,only in the water I would probably take in too much water and never be able to stay on that board. Not to mention the concussion I would get from the board hitting me repeatedly.
So as you can see I can do all those thing on my Bucket list without leaving my Family Room! Oh yeah now that's the life. I know it will only be time before we see the 3D version, making it seem like you are really there! Now that's worth waiting for.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Better Weight Control Tool-L.G.I.

Finding a way to maintain your weight by using the Glycemic Index chart could be the answer for some people. This Index is based on the Glucose level in your body. When the levels are up and down that can cause Binge eating. Causing one to eat more food than they need and then causing the body to store fat.
Now what we want to do is eat some foods that are Low Glycemic in nature. These are foods that will keep the glucose level on a even line longer. Making it easier to feel full and making it to the next meal time.
What are some of these foods. There is a list of the Glycemic Index number of the food items. The numbers that are below 55 are considered the Low index ones. These will level your glucose and stop those cravings between meals. For example one could eat cereals based on oats and bran, bread with wholegrain and sourdough, eat some noodles, pasta and use Basmati rice. Vegetable are good also, like cooked Carrots, sweet potato, Yams, and most all other veggies other than root one like white and russett pototes, which are high on the G-Index.
Milk is low on the list so a glass of milk can help in the weight lost process. Even whole milk is low in the number about 27. In fruits you can have cherries, grapefruit, apricots, apple , pears plums, peaches, oranges, grapes and bananas. All are below the 55 number.
Just trying to incorporate some of these will help in the process of losing weight. If you have a food that you would like to know how it rates on this Index try visiting here and type the foods name in and check it out.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Are you in Limbo Land?

Now that the voting is over and some folks are shocked, are you going to remain in that limbo land? You know that place, where nothing gets done because you can't get over the past outcome. I have been reading blogs and seeing a lot of this mentality of we will be in grid lock. Statements like, nothings going to get done, the next two year will be a waste and what where you thinking folks!
Now I usually do not talk politics here or at home. However, I have this compelling feeling to do so today.

I think from the voting outcome the majority of Americans are not pleased with the way things are going. Do not think it is, as some folks would want to believe, just because they are not see and upswing in the economy or that the job markets are in a slump. We have had those things before and they will continue to be up and down. My feeling is we do see it, however what is hard to understand is the bills that have been passed and the pork in them. Those has caused some recent problems in America. Now the President stated in his after election address, which by the way was about an hour long, that he should have kept to his promise of weeding out the pork in bills. Stated he made some choices he should not have. He also stated that being in the White house is difficult. Staying in touch with the people is harder than he thought.
This is one thing I learned years ago, while in the military, things aren't as black and white as many common folks think. Once you are in a protected and shielded place, one learns how things have to work. It is not always how one thinks before they are placed there. You know that phrase some of us as kids heard," The grass is not greener as you may think, on the other side. It can be as brown also".

When hardship comes we want someone to fix it for us. Businesses start to close and homes are priced way out of reach, folks go into foreclosures and Money becomes scarce. Health issue arise as money issue arise. Cost for products go up to make up for differences in consumers spending. Companies do not want to go back to reasonable pricing,once they tasted wealth. So they tend to layoff workers. Now all these problems are cause by the companies and businesses. Not really by the government. Oh yes government bills and rules can affect the businesses. However, they are not the cause of how things are in companies and businesses. They want to blame the government. People made choices themselves and sometimes poor ones. Greed can cause a ripple in events and make people suffer.

The question I have for you, Do we really want government to control these companies and business? Isn't that walking toward socialism and total government control? Is that what you really want, no control of how to run your business or control over if you can purchase something or worst if you qualify for a health treatment.

My feeling is that we as the people need to make the difference. Stop buying on borrowed money, we can not afford to pay back in our lifetime. Control our own spending and hold the government accountable to controlling it's spending and getting our nations deficit in a downward pattern and keeping it there. In access getting and keeping the pork out of the bills! A bill should be for one purpose and not have a lot of non issues, just to get it passed. Causing more money to be spent to pass a bill, that might save a few dollars. The outcome is not favorable in decreasing cost, but rather a wash or in some cases spending more, (Moving money around to look like we are saving).

Yes I want both houses to work together, as well as the President to stay focused on his promises and keep the houses in check.