Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Question=Are You Prepared?

I use to be a disaster spoke person for American Red Cross. With so many types of disasters happening around the world, it got me thinking. Do you know what type of disasters you could face, and are you prepared for it?
Let's make a List of ones happening in today's world;
  • Tornado's
  • Hurricanes
  • Floods
  • Earthquakes
  • Tsunami's
  • Nuclear
  • Fires
  • Chemical explosions
  • Sink Holes
  • Gas Explosions

All of these are very commons today. You would be surprise at the ones that can happened where you live and work. So the question remains.... Do you know which ones can happened where you live and work and what to do in the disasters? Can you survive any of them?

The answer for me is a live and work in an area that can have floods, Hurricanes, Tornadoes,Earthquakes, fire, gas explosions, chemical spills, Gas Explosions, sink holes, and fires.To be prepared I have a first aid kit, and an area where I always keep me purse and an everything bag. Ready to grab at all times. All my numbers and info in those things. My car is always filled with gas and ready to go. A couple way to escape and a few places to go. I need to work on have a meeting place and a three month supply of prescription meds that my hubby. is on.

Part of Aloha Friday Meme.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tsunami Footage

I saw this on one of my Facebook Friends page. He is in Japan. I usually do not post something from another site. However this video on this site was so compelling I had to show it to you. Click on this LINK the view the 6 minutes video of the Tsunami as it is happening and then click on the Google link to see the street before the event. This is so powerful!

Due to the copyright issue I did not post the video on my site, the link to James' site is both in the word link and the hypertext.
Update: it has now been released from the copyright to be posted.

Here is the Video.