Friday, October 15, 2010

Just Stuff.........

Haven't we heard that phrase " Just Stuff". What exactly is stuff? Now I have Stuff to do and stuff laying around as well as stuff to buy. That's a lot of stuff in stuff. Okay I'm just being funny. However we love to use this word in the USA. It seems whomever we talk to "stuff" comes up. Looking the word up it has several meanings,from personal property to special knowledge. If one uses it as a verb the meaning changes to fill by packing things in to stopping something up as in stuffing a pillow or stuffed up drain. I find language fascinating in that one word can meaning so many things.

So to make myself clear today.....I have stuff to do! Let's see I need to finish the costumes and roast vegetables. Make some bread and stuff meat into freezer bags. Then I have to get the stuff out of the guest room and stuff it into a box. I have laundry stuff to do and cleaning, maybe even work on some stuffed up drains. Oh I will need to phone my friend to tell her some stuff I learned this week.

My daughter is out of school today so I will need her to pick up the stuff around the house. She will probably stuff it in her drawers. Then she will have to work on the stuff she learn at school. That stuff has to remain in her head.

One word can go so far in a conversation. I have mentioned Stuff, eighteen times here. Have given you a complete detail of what I am going to be doing today. So now that I have aired my stuff, What kind of Stuff do you have or need to do?

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