Saturday, May 12, 2012

Living Green Updates

Our Solar System is giving us great power. The electric bills have been down. We have produced 7411 this year. Our lifetime energy is 17,846 kWh. September through February are the lower production months. We live in the Eastern United States and therefore tend to get snow and storms. During the other months the sun is up most of the time and our production is good.
The Other day I was enjoying the sunny weather  outside and I watched the Meter go backwards. Love seeing that!
So far We are pleased with the solar power. As for the RECs, *Renewal Energy Credits, We had to change company's. We are now selling at a fixed rate. So, with the money we get for the RECs we are still spending on a yearly average of 50.00 per month for all our utilities needs.
Lifetime numbers:
lifetime energy is17,846 kWh (Nov 09 to May 12)
We have reduced your carbon footprint equivalent to:
29,616 pounds of CO₂
planting 329 seedlings grown for 10 years.
not driving 29,328 miles in a standard car. 

If you are interested in the type we have and our decision to go solar, please click on the Solar power link under OUR SOLAR PROJECT on the side bar. You will see more on this subject.

Now unto the Going Green Together. Our recycling process. I have to say we are not doing well at the stores. I have back slid some. However I will get back on board  trying to make a difference. I tend to shop more online then in the stores now. We still try to use less plastics at the grocery store. I think I might start having the store deliver to me. That way I will use less gas and bags.
Have notice that we are still at 1 trash can pick up. Might I say it is a normal size can. Most of the time it has only one bag of garbage in it. Also we have more recycles so, doing well on that field.  How are you doing on this Project?