Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Summer of Strange Things

The weather has been pretty hot here. Which has been good for the Solar Power. However not so good for the environment. With very little rain and the heat so high, we have had to run the air conditioner constantly.  Not good for the Green gasses. Must say I really do not like the high heat.

My rain barrels are getting low. Therefore I must use the county water for the garden. We do have underground springs in our lawn. They seen to be low also.

Has anyone been having problems with Tree Frogs? We have so many that at night it sounds like we live in the country! Sitting out in the evening and watching the frogs and hearing them call to each other is very strange. There is also a  bunch of cicada wasp. These wasp collect Cicadas and line them up on our front steps. Each day I go out there I see eleven  or twelve line up in a row. The family has seen the wasp bring them in and line them up. These wasps do not attack humans, as long as we do not bother them. Any one seeing these things in their yard?

I think we are enjoying the creatures of the heat. We even have had Deer, fox and rabbits on our street. This has been a very strange summer here.