Saturday, October 27, 2012

Argan Oil for Dry skin

Have been using pure Argan Oil for about one week now. Having Very Dry skin has been my demised. Really have seen a difference with this oil. My skin is not as dry , all my itching has stopped and my feet are finally getting better.  The feet were so dry that this where always pealing. I start using the Argan oil on them and have seen a great difference. The red dry sections are healing and the a not peeling as much. I will continue to use it on the feet.
Having a problem with my arms and the dryness for many year, now I can see the light. Putting the 100% pure oil, no additives ( perfumes or other oil) is make a total difference. The skin is smoother and less itching caused by dryness.
Why is my skin so dry? I am guessing it is caused by Menopause. In the 90's I had my ovaries and uterus removed due to illness. I was on hormone therapy until I turn 50 and then I went off. Noticed that my skin started to get drier. Always had dry skin but this was even more than usual. Trying all kinds of products from pure vitamin E to Bees wax, nothing seem to be working. Only a few hours of moisture relief.
Saw a product called Argan Oil on a shopping network. There was a return policy I could not refuse.  Yes it was expensive, but I have been trying a lot of product and have spent so much that why not try it. After a week I have seen quite a change. I do want to really emphasize that this is 100% pure Argan Oil. Noticing that I did have other products with argan oil in it, however they had other additives. These additives are alcohol base. They include perfumes and other oils in them, be sure to read the labels. It might sound good but if there are other products in it, that can be counter active on the oils properties. Causing the effects of the oil to not adsorb as it should.
I found that this product is not greasy at all and I can use it all over my body, even my dry hair. For now I am sold on the product. If you would like to know where to get it, e-mail me and I will direct you to the product.
will be giving updates on this product as I continue to use it. As with every product Time will tell.