Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's been a while-I'm BACK!

Yes I have been caught up in a little Family saga. What's been going on you ask... Well I am trying to size down, Hubby is having Health issues, daughter is now a senior in school, need I say more!

Having a senior is a busy thing. Driving issues, working jobs and school/social events are occupying our time. I am excited for her, We will be looking into colleges pretty soon. We have a Chicago trip plan for April. Then a few more the following months. Her plan is to start out in the local community college and then transfer to a University. Since she is an only child, I think that is a good move. As a parent I have mixed feeling on this. I still see her as my little girl. Laugh every time I see this commercial with the father taking to his daughter as she is off to college in the new car.

Hubby is getting ready for surgery on Tuesday. Then we will have to have another one for the Kidneys. Monday we had 3 doctors appointments back to back. The first one Urology, Kidneys still not making good progress. She stated we will need to schedule surgery, right after the Shoulder one. Next stop the GP, She stated the we need to bridge the Blood thinners to prepare for surgery. That means today we started the Shots. Good thing I have a Nursing background. It helps with giving the shots and recovery. Since this one is a outpatient surgery. Last stop the Cardiologist, Heart looks good, ready to go.

Now we have to have all the test for the surgery. Xrays and blood, we are now in the process of those. Plus he has test ongoing with the urologist. These medical issues are occupying my mind and time greatly.

Now on to my Weight loss process. Doing well, clothes getting bigger and I am feeling pretty good. Starting on Raspberry Ketones to help with my metabolism. Hoping that they will help me pass the Stalemate on the scales. I will surely let you know how they work.

Have been reading up on some Herbals helps and beginning to incorporate them in my daily plan. Hoping they will give me a healthier body.

Now to the Eco part of the blog...

We are looking into replacing the kitchen floor with a new Green floor. I really love the color and texture of it. It has No VOC's and that sounds great to me. At some point In am hoping to have a totally VOC free home. Then just maybe we will retire in a breathe easy home. Need to repaint some rooms, Will start in the kitchen. More on that later. Yes the Spring is just around the corner time for in house projects.

Our Solar power is doing well. This year our Electric Bills have been very low. That is good, giving us more money for the upgrades to ECO friendly things.