Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Thrifty Tip- Flu and Colds, Are you ready?

We are all trying to stay healthy during our Winter Flu season. Here are a couple things to add to that list of preventative items.

Mushrooms, that's right eat plenty of mushrooms. Mushrooms contain Selenium, which is a chemical that help the immune system. They also have B vitamins. The key is to eat them raw so that the full value of their immune properties are there. So add them to your salads and eat them as a snack

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Thrifty Tip

This is a New topic I am adding. With the economy being so much in the News and on our minds, I decided to give a weekly thrifty tip.

Many years ago when I lived on my own, I did not make much money. Had to figure out how to live on limited funds. I took the lead from my Mother. She had to feed and cloth a family of six and sometimes more ( foster children and family members) . I remember things she did to make life seem like we had plenty. Sharing some of those tools and ideas will be my pleasure.

So for the first one for this 2012 New year I chose a Winter one. although you could use this any time of year. My Mother was able to take us to concerts, bowling, get donuts and almost anything and the cost was very little and sometimes nothing. Now back then in the 60's, she used the newspaper and word of mouth from friends and neighbors. Today we have the Internet, kind of like our Friends and neighbors and to some the new Newspaper. Thought I would give you a link to check it out.
Now I went to this site and put my e-mail in, that way they will send me daily deals. I can decided on things to do and get the family out of the house. Once you are at the site click on change city. Choose the city closes to you and sign up.

Let me know what you think of this topic. Will it be of interest to you?

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Tell All-What's up for 2012

Trends seem to change year to year. Last year 2011 was a year for messy hair, or more easy fluff and go hair. Year 2012 is thought to be the year for the Pixy return . Remember that one? I had one in the late 60's. Twiggy Lawson was the Super-model back then, her hair and style was sought after. Now I think this is amazing that the new trends are going back to the 60's.
Take a look at these:

Seventeen magazine

the hair
Twiggy 1968
Now the Pixy Hair cut can be a longer one or the short one. The new style will be more on the Long top one, more like Twiggys' style was.

Last year on the fashion side, Colored lace was big. Oh I had lots of that. I must say I loved it. I hope it stays in fashion for this year. So It is thought that the biggest trend will be Pastels. That means it will be more neutral color ones.Perhaps you are one who like to hold true to your color wheel. Pastels are not on your palette Maybe just add one and mix it up with basic black and browns tones. Now I tend to like the pastels. One can just add a little something from their color wheel in a lighter shade. Look for a scarf , purse or belt. Now of course that color wheel is not an in thing any more, just thought one should know. With that said, we all know what colored look good on us. So we tend to stay true to those colors. Wearing the Pastel on the bottom half can be the answer to being in trend. Look for pants or skirts with the pastels in it. Put the neutral colors on the tops.

As you can see Twiggy is also wearing Pastels. I wonder if the Fashion world made this correlation . In the late 60's I had pastels oranges and pinks. Well I will say, my hair will not go back to a pixy, However the pastels will be added for me. Maybe I will get a new pixy wig to be in style. I still love the long hair and bobs. We will see what I decided to do in the summer.
Who knows by that time fashion can change again. Or perhaps these folks have it all wrong.

Photos courtesy of Twiggy Larson- Official site

Monday, January 2, 2012

What's happening....

Now that we are in a new year, things are changing already. There are several things that have happened. One, free advertisers are closing down, like Adgitize,CMF and some other one.
Two I have notice blogs are slowing down as to visitors. However, Social sites like Twitter and Facebook are growing. Three, there was no person of the Year on the Time Magazine, only a group of people( protestors). Four, the Rose Tournament parade and Rosebowl game was moved to January 2. What happening? Does this mean 2012 will be a year of changes and life as we know it will be different?

I think so. The internet will be changing and the readers will want different material to view. We will be looking at people differently. Travel will be looked at in a different eye. Will we go to new places or just stay close to home. I am so eager to see what will happen to the BloggerWorld. Will we still be blogging and what will your content be in this New Year.

My Daughter is graduating High school, so I know our World will be changing. My blogs will probably change also. I hope to do more on my Kitchen/ Food blog. I little more on the Review blog and just maybe this one will see some real changes. Maybe even a New Look.

Health and Long life is still on every ones mind. Therefore I do not think this one will go away. However the content could see a big change. Maybe inspired more on News and New technology, New findings as well as New information on being healthy.

Well 2012 will be a brand New look and views on all things. I know that online outreach will be a great tool used on changing thing. Just like it made the Bankers rethink their added fees. The power of this tool can be the one thing that is used to make changes and keep folks in check.

Happy New Year to you all and most of all make a difference this year in some way.