Monday, November 22, 2010

A New Wii Item So I can eat Holiday foods.

Well I decided with the holidays coming I would get on board the Wii Fit train. So while out I eyed the new Wii Fit EA Active 2. This one has a heart monitor with it. Now that great for me. No more guessing is my heart rate within the target range. Now with all those extra Holiday delights , I can enjoy and just increase the Exercise to maintain the weight.

Wii is a good gift to ask Santa for! It is like having your own trainer when you want them. Even though there are fun games to play, it offers much more. Being able the change it up to be a personal trainer is a plus. Making it a better choice when it come to purchasing electronic games devices.

We purchase the Wii system a couple years ago for Christmas. We loved the Bowling and other games. Then I purchase a Wii Board last year. I like playing the Balancing games.
With the Wii I am able to do....
  • Skiing, now I can do those high jumps and not end up in a Body cast.
  • Skate boarding ,which I would never be able to do, with out breaking a few bones, if not for the Wii.
  • Then there is surfing, I always wanted to do that,only in the water I would probably take in too much water and never be able to stay on that board. Not to mention the concussion I would get from the board hitting me repeatedly.
So as you can see I can do all those thing on my Bucket list without leaving my Family Room! Oh yeah now that's the life. I know it will only be time before we see the 3D version, making it seem like you are really there! Now that's worth waiting for.

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  1. We also got a Wii for Christmas last year and are getting ourselves a Wii Fit Plus this year. Since having heart surgery and then a pacemaker, it will be a good idea if we have a heart rate monitor. If not, I'll simply check my BP and pulse with my monitor.

    Like you, being able to snowboard, ski and water ski without breaking bones will be most welcome. Now if they'd get a game for riding bucking horses... that would be fantastic.