Thursday, September 29, 2011

Got Evidence- Man Made Chemicles?

In this series of Got Evidence we are going to look into the question "Are Chemicals good for your Body". One thing I have notice is the push for folks to buy Organic. Why is this are the Preservatives/ chemicals used in the others bad for our bodies?

I noticed that a skin problem I had a while back has returned. This got me thinking what is the cause. Thought I new what it was. Then I noticed that a product I had been using for a while had changed their ingredients to a Chemical produced sweetener. The Old one did not have it. If the Companies are changing ingredients from Natural to Man Made Chemicals, we should be looking into the Health of it.

I have stopped using the product and the skin problem is receding. Now in fairness of the companies I will not be mentioning names, only the chemicals themselves. The main question I am going to explore is, Are the Chemicals good for our Bodies. So, for the next few weeks in October I will be doing the research to find that out. Check back on Thursdays to see what I learned.

Now I have a question for you. Do you think the Man made chemicals are healthy for you? If you have a question on a certain chemical please leave it in the comments and I will certainly explore it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Preparing for the Winter Months.

We have decided to postpone the thermal solar project. Looking into adding to our solar panels, that might be a better option. The newer ones can be easier added and no inside work needs to be done. Right Now funds are tight, and with the problem with the government funding we need to be more cautious with ours.

We are still doing well with the solar. Saving about 1/2 of Utilities expenses. Still working on our indoor lighting and electrical uses. With the winter approaching we will need to work on the heating options. We use a pellet stove for most of our heating. It is a cleaner alternative for the environment. I will be making room for the winter pellets. Pellet stoves also help in not allowing the auxiliary heat of the furnace come on. Which causes the utility cost to soar. We are expecting a colder Winter this year.

With all the wet weather there has been a higher chance of mold and mildew. Therefore we had our air ducts and furnace cleaned. This is something that should be done at least every 3 to 5 years. Found that they were pretty nasty. Had them done about 3 years ago. However this year they were in bad condition. Were told with all the weather conditions, Hurricane and heavy rain the water basin table is high. That causes the humidity in the basement to be higher. So , we have a dehumidifier going to help with the extra moisture. If you have never had your ducts and furnace clean , you should look into it. There are many specials going on now.It is important to maintain a healthier indoor airflow.

We also had a Ultraviolet light installed to kill the viruses and mold growth. We are replacing the filter regularly as well as using a good 3M one.