Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday- The Scale Watchers

The scale just isn't moving. Yeah that's right it must be broken! I do not feel like I am not loosing weight. I heard that sometimes the scales do not tell the true story. It can weigh heavy some times and stay put others. However, you can be still losing. It's called losing inches. So we must be measuring as well as scale watching. My inches are going down, the scales are up and down. Sometimes it has to do with the amount a fluids or that meal the night before. Yes that's right it is still making it's way out, and the body is holding on to the weight of it. Just wait til it moves out then weigh yourself. You will see.
As for Me my scale seems to move up and down 3 to 5 pounds a week.   Maintain the weight  not losing. However the pant size and tops have changed.  I will try not to let the Scale get me down. I will continue to buy the size I am and not buy bigger ones. Get rid of those larger sizes from my drawers and closet. That will help me stay on track. No more Scale Watching for me. Just checking in as a swim by for that possible small person emerging.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Are you Satisfied?

Are you satisfied with your looks? In a World of  "You should Be....." it is hard to be satisfied with your looks. Doctors tells us we need to look a certain way and TV telling us  we are all overweight, make us  feel unsatisfied. Just think about it, What if every one in the world all was in the national guide lines set be the Nutritionists. We would all look the same! We would not need big and tall stores or different sizes. We could all go to the  5 7 9 stores, wear bikinis and have no need for Donut shops.

I have been thinking about those charts. Wondering why is it that someone has decided there is a certain acceptable size and weight for that size. Just think there are folks who live a long time and have never been within the charts limits. The folks that have been in the Chart limits have been diagnosed with cancer and older deceases . Of course there are some heavier folk also diagnised with these deceases also. However I hear more folks say.." I have done every thing right and have stay in the healthy code, yet I got this cancer."

Yes we should have are blood test done and work on exercising to stay strong and fit. Trying to get our energy and  body in a healthy mode. We should try not to be so hard on ourselves. Set  the goals that we feel is achievable and work towards them. Choose the activities we love to do and do them. Enjoy our life and just take it one day at a time. Slowing down at meal time to enjoy the food and choosing to eat smaller portions.

One more things, Do not allow Doctors or friends control your lives. I would only let them if I was in some medical trouble, Cancer or diabetes, that is when I would heed their words.  If I was in Good health, not tired and got plenty of exercise, maintained my weight   as well as very little sickness I would  not allow their words of Weight control affect my mind.

Remember you are in control of your life. One should be able to measure themselves on their standard. If one feels they would feel better by losing a few pounds, then do it. Now I would love to be down to 150. However will it make me feel better? I really do not know. However I will continue to lose slowly, being able to maintain each pound loss. To me that is the key, Creating  a plan that will become a new way of living and become a new daily habit.

I hope that one who reads this will examine their selves to see if the path is one for them or for others. It is known that the one for others will surely fail if it relates to your life. Others may give us motive however it must be our own minds that sets the journey.