Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday's Question-A New Year

New Years Eve has arrived and many will be making some plans for the New Year. You can call it Resolutions, Guide Lines and just Promises.

I have a few this year.

1. I would like to, as many others do, Loose weight. Lets say about 20 pounds. I think this is a standard Resolution.
Although, I heard something on the radio yesterday, that said must folks who are in the lower obese range, do not think they are! That was very interesting to me. Even though the scales say yes our eyes say No I not.

2. House clutter is one Guide Line I would like to overcome. I am a Pack rat! Whether it be from hanging on to the past or just having problems letting go. I got it, Even though my house is neat, Please don't open the closet doors or the spare room drawers. And what ever you do DON'T GO IN THE STORAGE ROOM! Now I need the set a Guide Line to getting this cleaned out and my Pat Rat syndrome under control.

3. A promise to myself needs to be......Live Healthier. There's always room for improving our Lives. It could be by reading labels on those items we purchase. Making sure it is a healthier choice for our home and bodies. Or looking for more ways to go Greener in our Home Lives. Most folks spend two thirds of their day in their home. Could it be healthier for us and our children? I want to live a long Healthy Life. Believe it or not , Environmental cancer causing carcinogenics , in my opinion, is very high in the Home. It think this is one thing we all can control. I am the Mayor of my Home and therefore I can make it a healthier one.

So There you have it three things I can work on in this New Year approaching.

What are you going to work on this next year?

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Off the cuff- A break from everyday.

Well, I am getting ready to have the Kids over form the night. We will be Going to the Market , Cooking cookies, Decoration the backyard, going to a Light display and watching a Holiday movie. Looking forward to the time with them. Critter is a joy to have in my Kitchen. he loves to cook. Alex I am not sure. This will be the first time for her. She spent one night with me a few months ago. This will be her second one. Critter Lived with us as a baby and has been coming back to spend nights and weeks overnight since. He went to Canada and Pa with us.

I am look forward to these next days. Christmas music playing , Smells of baking, and Holiday fun. Making new Traditions will be so much fun!

What are your plans for the next two days? yes that's right TWO DAYS! til Christmas. Are you Done Shopping Yet?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SwanLake-The Ultimate Goal!

It's a winter tradition watching the Nutcracker. Swan Lake is always one of our favorite.
Here is an ultimate Goal for anyone to achieve. I believe it took hours and years of training. Saw it this week and was just memorized by it. I could watch it over and over. Hubby watched it and was amazed at the performance. It's like nothing you've seen before!
Enjoy the Great Chinese State Circus preforming Swan Lake.
This is well worth the time seeing.

Now let's get stretching. Happy Holiday's!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Going Green together- Solar and Green Updates.

It's been A while, time for an update. We are so please with our electric bill. It is still in the low hundreds. Our solar systems is doing well. It has been a little over a year.

We have harvested 7,856 kWh of sun energy.

Reduced emissions equivalent to:
  • 13,037 pounds of CO₂
  • not driving 12,911 miles in a standard car.
  • planting 145 seedlings grown for 10 year

April was our most productive month, with a total of 799.99kWh harvested.
February was the least month, with a production of 266.39kWh

Now with the Holidays here, we have purchased some solar Holiday lights. I really like them. They are bright and just think no extra cost on our bill.
Still learning to be greener in our decisions. So many items to harvest the suns power with. Now if we could just get hold of a Solar powered generator. Anyone know of one?