Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jobs..Cellphones..Cars and the Law

There are many jobs that require one to carry a cell phone. Some even give you a cell to use. They're stringed to you even when you are in your Car. You are at the whim of the bosses voice. Whether you are driving, shopping or at home, work is at you finger tips. In this day of work 24/7 there is no down time.

Well all that is about to change in the state of Maryland. Starting the first of October, while in a car, behind the wheel you will not be able to use that phone. It's a new law about to become enforced. If the police see you holding a phone to your ear and driving you will get a 40 dollar ticket and even more depending on the circumstance. I wonder if they will use those cameras to check on you also.

Hubby's company is having a Mandated meeting on this today. So I guess the only place one can be completely free from work now, will be in the car while driving. For us folks who can not stand that bosses direct line ... Let's get in the car and have some down time, one on one time and not have the boss interrupt. Road trips here we come.

Oh by the way, let's not talk about the hands free devices. What the bosses don't know can't hurt us. Now do you think the companies will start purchasing those hands free items for their employees? What about CB's, will those make a come back. Don't get me wrong I like the Law. How many times have you been almost run of the road because of cell phone usage. This is a problem indeed.

Just be informed if you are in Maryland, do not put that phone up to your ear, text on it or have it in your hands while driving.

Any other States implementing this law or one like it? What do you think about this Law?


  1. Sounds like companies will also need to provide hands-free elements to the phones they provide. This is happening (from a legal stand point) in Delaware also beginning in January. My father-in-law just bought a new car, a Ford Fusion, and his car is attached to his phone via Bluetooth. When he receives a call his car answers it and he talks that way. It's weird, but it's also great for him as he travels a lot while he works.

  2. I agree with the law. Safety is more important than instant business transactions.

  3. We have a good law in Connecticut. I feel the fines should be higher. The cell phone users are a hazard on the road. There are already enough other hazards.