Thursday, May 16, 2013

Going green update

First off we will update on our Solar. Our Panels were installed in 2009. Have to say we are very pleased with the outcome. The electric bills have been decreasing since the install. With our reducing energy consumption mind set, we have been able to reduce our bill by half.
The reason we decided to invest in this solar is for our retirement. With the cost of electricity increasing over the years, the decision was easy. Our daughter is out of the house attending college. One less person has really made a difference in our Bill. You never realize how much one person can change the consumption.
We received our Electric bill for this month, Now remember we are all electric . It was 42 dollars for the month! The lowest we have received since we have been in this home. We moved in our home in 1999. So I would say we are doing well on reducing the carbon footprint.
To put it in prospective for you. Before the solar system our April/May bill was on average was 250.00. After solar the cost went down to 108.00. Then after child left for college it is now 42.00 with 17 of that being delivery and taxes. So we are very pleased with this move.

We have notice a change in our recycling and trash amounts. Our containers are getting less in the trash area. With only about one bag of trash weekly. The recycling has increased to about two containers. Think we need to work on that. I would love to have less on the recycling amount. Even though we are recycling it would be nice to be able to reuse items so we would not be throwing away so much. Even with it being recycled, I feel that a lot of it is not reused in a Green way. Most factories still add to the carbon footprint.

As for the bags, have noticed we aren't using them as much in the retail stores. However I am still using them at the grocery stores. If I forgot to take them I make a point to get paper bags. Those I can reuse and they are easier to recycle. Most place are beginning to charge for bags in our area. That make it easy to use the Recycle bags. One thing to remember is to Wash the bags often. It has been noted that some food born bacteria can transfer and linger in the bags. Causing some sickness if left to grow in the heat of the trunk.

So the question for you is how are you doing with your Green Walk?