Thursday, April 5, 2012

Technology- Good Or Bad

Ever Wonder about all this new technology and knowledge we all are hearing about? Have been watching and reading about all kinds of things lately. New ways to get fitter ( at least new to us). Newly developed technology gadgets. How did we live before them ( It's starting to cloud my mind). Let look at a couple new things.

First off technology, GPS systems. We leased a new car it has a built in GPS (Global positioning system). Now this really isn't new. Our Military and Planes have been using it for decades. However someone thought of the idea of giving us that technology. I remember learning to read a map and learning about those little marker on the highway roads. You know the ones, they tell you what mile you are at on that states road, Very good to know if you need help out there. Well, now days with the GPS on our cell phone and in our cars, we can give the exact spot! not to mention my car with Onstar can relay it even if I can not. So I guess that has freed up some of our brains to learn and store something new. Now do you think this is a good thing? Heck we do not even have to plan out a route anymore, the Google maps and other maps it sights will do that for you. Just think everyone will know where you are at. Parents and get that GPS for there kids phone and tracks them. Technology can be both a good thing and bad idea.

I do like new technology, movies and TV shows off the internet from any smart pad is a great thing. I have been looking into getting a Kindle Fire. Thinking I might like to explore that. Any one have it already?

Smart phones are another oh lets say good and bad technology. I think the family table and togetherness has been great invaded on. Like having the ability to use it, but do not like the texting, nonstop fingers everywhere. Not to forgot to mention the handsfree talkers out in the public forum. It always amazes me how people do not care that they are talk in midair and everyone is hearing their business. Sometime I just want to say "Are you Speaking to Me". that phrase comes in my mind several times in a day. How did we live with only Landlines? I still have one, I know I am just old fashion. However we do have a computer line phone and four Cell phones. So I am not so old fashion.

I think I will wait for later to reveal the health side of this new technology. We are in the midst of learning a lot on that subject.

So I have a few questions for you all. Do you have any of the things mention? Are you thinking good and bad thing about them and last of all....Are you one who talks handsfree out there?