Thursday, October 21, 2010

Advertising Your Blogsite.

When I first started out blogging, a friend suggested that I join some social networks to draw traffic. So I started looking for a couple. She steered me to her page to click on and check some out. Last year I joined Adgitize, an network designed to lead traffic to your blog. At first I need to learn how it worked. Only adding one blog, this one, at the time.

This is how it works. Once you request to join then you're on your way to earning money. By clicking on 100 Ads daily you earn points. You also earn points for having a Adgitize widget on your blog. When people click on it you reap the awards. Depending on how many visitors come to your page and clicks on the ad, will determine the amount. Then there is a point system for how many ads view on your blog. Each time someone click on your blog the ads change, making more ads to view on your blog. There are other way to earn points. Buy posting in the Adigitize forum one can earn points. Posting on you blog will earn you points also. Now come on, we all post more then once a week. That's easy money and if you have more then one blog it is easier to post daily. That will make you earn 100 point a day, just for posting.
Now at the and of the month your points are added and calculated in to dollars. When you reach 10.00 a payment is sent to your PayPal account. Oh you do not have one....No problem when you reach 50.00 a check is sent to you.

Now there are two services provided. One is a free service and one has a fee. The fee one has more opportunities for you and the cost is low. Consider if you earn money that will offset the amount. You can check it out by click this ad.
Adgitize your web site.

I found after a year I am doing better with the site. Learning more about the services provided. Finally opened a PayPal account and the money was sent immediately to it. What a joy to see it in there. Now I can purchase things from other bloggers easily, just using the paypal system.
I really like this network Ad media. It is easy to use and effortless to make the money.
So, what are you waiting for? Just check them out, it can't hurt and you might be surprised at the folks you already visit affiliated with Adgitize.

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