Friday, April 30, 2010

Wednesday's Photo Anwser.

Well, everyone who commented gave great guesses. My hubby had this thing hidden under the bed. I was doing some spring cleaning and pulled it out. Surprised that it was a solar item.
He didn't even remember getting it! I,m sure it was suppose to be a gift for Me, and He just forgot to give it to me. So I claimed it right then. "Happy Day Auntie E", I just love spring cleaning. Finding all the gifts just for Me, the Hard worker.
Our area has a problem with standing water. There is a drain area that is always wet. Mostly due to the fact we have underground springs and our basements pumps out the water from it. My neighbors is on all the time, they are lower than us. This item helps with the little blood suckers who love the water. We do have bats in our area and they work hard at dusk. Oh, You want to know the answer.

Here it is....

Yes, most of you were right.
It has a button to turn it on and off.
Mr sun will power during the day while recharging the Batteries.
The batteries will work through the night.
Then the cycle will continue.

As to the 3 in1 ... You can use this unit;
On a table with base stand.
Hang it using the wire hanger bar
Put it in the ground using the stakers
So long to the Plug in one....Mr Sun you're On!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Green Project--Visitors

We have been busy planning and now we are in the starting mode.
Yesterday we had three visitors. The first one was the Muralist, Monica. I met her at a home show, loved her work. We talked about having a mural of a fifties store front, looking out onto the street from inside my store. I love that idea! I so love the time period, it will be a joy to walk in and go back in time to a more easy way of life.
Discussed the paint color with her. Decided on a Beige tone, The Color is called Filtered sunlight. It will be the Natura Paint by Benjamin Moore. The paint was No VOCs. Monica will be using paints with No VOCs also. I will start painting the walls this weekend.
Next was the Closet Folks. We went with Closet America, because they have a very good Warranty and are highly Recommended. All there products are made in is USA in our area. The hardware they use is from Germany, Germany makes very good hardware. We have a lot of German made furniture in our home. We have had them for over twenty year with no hardware problems . The closet design was great. The 3D look really made a good impression. The price was well within our budget. The Project manager will be coming next week, to go over the initial plan. I noticed last night we will have to change a few things.
Flooring was the final appointment of the day. The company is Luna, a Family owned company. In business for over 50 years started in Chicago, still Chicago based . The company has its own installers and a Life time warranty on installation. The price was within our budget. We still have not decided on this company. On Saturday we will be looking at the Dansk Exotic Bamboo flooring. We will make our decision then. My concern is the company has only been in this area for a year. Mostly home-based through representatives, if the rep decides to leave the company then what do we do with the Life time warranty? We really need to get this flooring done first. Off to see the Dansk flooring at other locatations.
Moving right along, getting excited about this Green Project.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-What Is It?

Interested in Wordless Wednesday visit

Wordless Wednesday Headquarter
To link up

What is it?
Hint it will be used all summer long, and It is a very Green product...
I said too much!
Your Turn

Have a Sunny Day today, the wind is blowing and the Mr Sun is feeding our solar panels at 4.9 KWH, meter going backwards and the house is being powered by the sun only now.

I will tell you on Friday, right here on this blog. Stay tune... Who will get it right?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Vintage Sewing Room Project.

My Grandmother was a Seamstress. I remember going to her home and she would be working in the sewing room. She had her business in her home. Now the house is gone however the memories are still with me. I really think that is why I love sewing. My dream was to have a area where I could bring back that feeling of old. Being a little girl and young teen visiting Granny's home was a great time in my life. My Granny has been gone from this earth for over twenty years now. I have so much of her things from cloths to tools.
The paint has been selected and tomorrow I will be talking to the Muralist and closet designer. Stay tune for my Very Green Vintage Sewing Room updates.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Green Flooring forMy Vintage Sewing Room

We went out looking at Green flooring. There are so many incentives for making your home green. It helps to offset some of the cost. Cork and Bamboo are among the Greener choices. One has to make sure the the polyurethane used on the cork is green, with no VOC gases. We brought home some samples, one of a cork{pictured upper left} and the other of Bamboo. For years I have been seeing Bamboo and not liking it. Then yesterday I saw one online I absolutely loved.

This is the Bamboo sample we brought home

This is my choice, for the Vintage Sewing Room. I love its' character as well as you can not really tell that it is Bamboo. It is a great Natural Eco-Green Choice, so much of it growing and it replenish itself rather fast. Faster then Oak or many other woods. Wood flooring are consider green. However it takes a lot of trees to make flooring and the growing period for those tree are over a century. Bamboo is very durable and harder then Red Oak or Maple making it a great Eco-Green friendly choice. Now we shop around for a good price, Hubby loves to Bargain Hunt. So, we have several installers coming to the home these next few weeks. I just want this flooring from Teragren. This particular flooring is about 1/2 inch thick solid Bamboo. Style is called Synergy, color is Brindle I'm done looking. My Vintage Sewing Room is ready to begin progress.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Healthy and Green Sewing Room.

It's Saturday morning, weekends are family time. I finally got the bed out of the bedroom. I have made appointments with some closet designers, a wall mural designer and need to decide if I want to change the flooring out. I am thinking of a cork flooring and green wood like bamboo. The room will became a sewing/ craft room. So carpet is not the best for it. Hubby and I had a discussion and I think I will go with a light lemon color for the walls. The paint will be Natura® Zero-VOC Paint from Benjamin Moore. I used their paint in the hallways and just love it.
Today off to the Home stores to look at flooring and paint colors. This room will be a very green and healthy working space.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting on the Green Train

Ed Begley is the reason I got on the Green Train. I began watching his show in 2007. After a couple years, started to rethink how I was living. Made some small changes with just a few things, like Housecleaning items and Household items. Then I started carrying my own bags for shopping. Looking at the food I was purchasing, how was it grown? Today we have a whole house solar system and a couple rain barrels. Every decision I make has a underlined question, Is it a green choice? Thought I would introduce you to Ed. This video running time is 3 minutes

Here is a link to viewing some of his "Living With ED" series.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm Planting Trees While Blogging.

It's Earth Day Today, what am I doing?
Well, Joining in to plant trees. Planting Trees while I'm blogging ! How cool is that?
Trees are being planted in Northern California on the Plumas National forest. With all the fires most of the trees are gone. Trees are vital to our air and life. The trees are filters for our atmosphere as well as cuts down on erosion of the land. Thousands of tree are lost due to nature lightening, Careless fires and Industrial use. We need to replace these tree so our plant can continue to survive.
The Plumas National Forest Fires destroyed over 88,000 acres of forest. You can read more about the fires at Mach's Greun.
The Arbor Day Foundation is joining in with My blog is carbon neutral (A United States foundation) to plant over 792,000 trees in the Plumas National Forest. How can you help? this is the easy part. Just a few easy steps to make it green:

1. Write a blog post about the initiative + insert your favorite button
2. E-mail the link to your post to
3. We plant a tree for your blog in Plumas’!

Now how green is that ! Today would be a great day to do it. Doing our part to making Our Planet Greener.

Here is the Link to How you can Join

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday's Words- Window Coverings.

Earth day Tomorrow and we are going green on our Window coverings. Have a appointment this morning to look at Some Green coverings. We have been looking for some times. Last Home Show we went to, we won a window treatment. The Living room needs to be done and the Solarium as well. We will not be able to do both at this time. However we will be getting estimates on doing them. then making a decision on one. It will probably be the living room. we have triple pane windows and the room is pretty green, paint and all. Wanting to finish it this year.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Day's Coming.Think Green...

Earth Day comments
Free MySpace Comments

What to do for Earth day? It will be on April 22 this year. I have been reading a lot about things folks are doing; finding out more about using solar or wind for power,Paying bills online to cut down on the carbon footprint, Planting a green Garden, and doing one thing green minded.
I think I will add some more Rain barrels. We installed one over the weekend. I received it for Valentines Day. Just now getting to install it. I must say I really think I am going to like it. It goes well with my backyard. Holds 50 gallons of rain water. I will be able to water my flowers with it. So the next thing is to plant the flowers in the Pots.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Got Evidence- Part 3- Making a Healthy Decision.

In Part 1 we looked at the Sweeteners used in our markets. There were several different types. Most of them found or created in a lab by Accident. Stevia was the only Herb Plant used for centuries to sweeten the taste. It is fairly new to our Western Market. However to take it in pure form is not recommended for some people taking Blood Pressure or Heart Medication. It can as well cause problems for these folks in small amounts over a steady time. Since Herbs do have Medical properties, it is wise to talk to a Herbalist if you are taking Chemical Medications. Mixing of Herbs and Medicine can be dangerous to your health.
Learning about the FDA role in Part 2 gave us an idea of how the amounts are decided. The manufacturers stay within the regulated amounts that's for sure. The downside is that we, the consumer, do not know what amounts are used. For example if one drink has the regulated amount and we drink more than you should, you could be exceeding the safe ADI amount. Now with more Manufacturers using these sweeteners in other products, one can exceeded the ADI amount quickly. This can put our health in jeopardy.

Today we will look at some Research on our Bodies. All these studies are done looking at the effect of drinking diet drinks. How is at relevant to our health, can it contribute to our Diabetes risk? and what about Weight loss does it really help and keep our bodies healthy at the same time?

A nationwide study finished in 2007 concluded that drinking just one 8oz serving can raise your chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes by 67%. This percent is referring to those who contract diabetes to those would do not drink diet drinks. The Researchers do not say that drinking Diet drinks causes the diabetes. Rather it is suggested that the drinking of them Might have an indirect effect. Perhaps causing weight gain and Insulin problems.
Weight gain you say, how can that be? The word Diet is taken as Being healthy, however it is not necessarily so. Many of the Chemicals in the sweeteners cause an Insulin reaction, which in turn causes the body to crave more sugar or food. This can lead to gaining weight. Our Obesity is the number one cause for Type 2 Diabetes. Another factor is many folks believe that the Zero Calorie drink are a free food. So they tend to eat more Food. Whether it is a mindset or a chemical reaction, Our obsession with the diet drinks are great. It is making our risk greater for an unhealthy life style.

In 2009 there was a study done on Kidney disease. Kidney Disease is on the rise also. In this study 3,000 women(730 of them with Diabetes) where used. It showed drinking 2 or more 8oz servings a day effected the kidney functions. The decline in function was twice the rate of those who did not drink Diet drinks. All the other controlling factors were included, Age, Caloric intake and diabetes status as well as weight. Our Kidneys are a organ vital to our living. Their function is very important, if the function is impaired we are at greater risk of Health problems. Maybe even Kidney Failure at some point!

In conclusion of this 3 part Got Evidence post,I will pose a question to you. With all the research out there and many years of use, Do you still feel Diet drinks are a healthy choice?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Going Green together- Floors and Closets

We have been looking to replace our kitchen and dinning room floors. In looking at what type and trying to stay green I had found that there are so many choices. We are leaning toward a type of wood grain floor. I never really thought about some of the things like, allergies and air quality. We are also redoing a couple closets. I found this Program from PBS on Green floors and closets. It has some good info on it. Even though the cost is varied, I think it has some educational information on why these are green and how to be healthier in your home.
The running time is 26 minutes. There are a couple of commercials, hey they have the pay for the video somehow.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Well thought I would give you all heads up. Do you need some extra money...who doesn't. Well we are in the planing stage of summer Vacation. We are planing to remain green on the trip, looking for ways to stay green and support the green and healthy community.
On my At Home with Auntie E blog, I am having a give-a-way. Yes this is a first time for me. I have been Partying with the Ultimate Blog Party-ers and got the bug.... so why not go over to At Home with Auntie E's and enter in.

Let's see I still want for the UBP prize list;
A vacation stay at a hotel US 39 &40
a Starbucks card
Netflix US12 eating $$$US11
Amazon gift card US112, US88, US87 AND MANY MORE

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Got Evidence- Part 2- FDA's Role

So now what is the FDA's (Food Drug and Alcohol) role in deciding if and how much is safe?
Their role is to make sure there are enough rigorous testing on the product. Then they will list the Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI). This number is derived from the testing, if it's animal testing the number is set at 100 times lower than found safe for the animal.
Now I bet you what to know what the ADI for Diet Drinks are.

For a 12 oz drink of Diet soda ;
  • containing Aspartame=18-19 cans
  • containing Acesulfame K=30-32 can
  • containing Sucralose= 6 cans
  • for Saccharin it is 9-12 packets
  • Stevia has not be determined yet, they have not set a ADI for it.
Even though these Number have been set, the manufacturers vary on the amounts used. therefore it is hard to determine the safe amount to consume in a day. Take for example the amounts in a 8 oz serving size of the following canned sodas;

Just containing Aspartame
  • Diet coke has 125 milligrams of Aspartame,
  • Diet Pepsi has 118 mg
  • Diet Dr Pepper numbers are 123 mg.
If we look at the brands that mix the sweeteners,the Numbers are closer;
  • Coke Zero has 58 mg Aspartame, and 31 mg of AcesulfameK
  • Sprite Zero and Fresca has 50 mg Aspartame and 34 mg of AcesulfameK
  • Barq's Diet Root Beer has 66mg of Aspartame and 41 mg of AcesulfameK
Diet Mountain Dew has 57mg Aspartame and 18 mg AcesulfameK as well as 18 mg Sucralose .
Tab is one with Saccharin and Aspartame, it contain 64mg of saccharin and 19mg aspartame.

Fountain drinks can have different amounts, for lables are not shown and they work on a more concentrated syrup, using a soda water to mix with the drink. That makes it hard to know due to the difference in restaurants equipment.

However you look at it the FDA's role is only to apply the facts for our safety of consumption. Some times the research is limited and the fact are not truly revealed until years later. Case in Point, Saccharine. A known carcinogenic today but in its' earlier time considered a healthy choice.
Today the consumer will have a hard time determining the amounts they consume. Making it difficult to stay within the ADI recommendation of the FDA. With all the sweeteners found in Baked goods, Snack, cereals and other Low calorie food we consume... one will not be able to discern the amounts. Our packaging does not (to date) have all the Milligrams used in the product. The Names are only listed in the ingredients.

So the question remains, do we drink the diet drink ? Or are we risking our health if we do? Research has shown that the consumption of these diet drink can actually contribute to Diabetes Type 2. One will have a 67% greater chance of developing it.
Monday we will look at some of the other studies and how they can effect our health. We all need to stay informed to live healthier lives.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Got Evidence- Diet Drinks-Part1

Got Evidence will be a new series on the evidence of Living healthy. It will appear when I get evidence on something that I feel is important to know for Living Healthy. Only the Facts will tell us and the research will tell all. So join me in this one on Our Diet Drinks. You decide your healthy direction in the life.

The Sweeteners Used.
This is a three part series on the Safety of the Diet Drinks we consume. We will be looking at the types of Sweeteners used in them, the FDA role in safety standard and finally our healthier choice.
With the rise in obesity, diabetes type 2 and cancer, can the diet drinks be a factor? Looking at the ingredients used to make them less in calories, mainly the Sweeteners, can give us a better mind to make the right choice. Today we will look at the types of sweeteners used by manufacturers.

Most diet drinks are sweetener with artificial sweetener. Diabetics often think of Diet drink as a health choice, Is it? People on diets often think of diet sodas like zero calories, are they in the long run? Let's take a look at the sweeteners used in the drinks.

The first one to come on board was Saccharin. Even though it was developed in the 1800, it did not become widely use until the 60's and 70's. Now saccharin is a chemical that was widely used in soft drinks. Introduced by the names Sweet 10, Sugar Twin, and Sweet-N-Low. It first came out in a little pill form, you just dropped 2 or3 in your drink. Then in Liquid form, one to two squirts should do it. Now sold in the granular form in little pink packages. It is 300 times sweeter than sugar. Because the body does not process saccharin, it runs through the digestive system and out. Noted as a free calorie food. The down side is it has been known to trigger insulin release.

Then in the 80's came Aspartame. used in Equal and Nutrasweet. These are about 200 times sweeter than sugar. They break down in the body into two chemicals properties. Phenylalanine and Aspartic acid. Phenylalanine is an amino acid found in the breast milk of mammals and is a known to have antidepressant and analgesic effects. Aspartic acid is also an amino acid found in wildlife meat and some vegetables such as avocados, oat flakes and spouting seeds. It can also be found in young sugarcane , molasses as well as sugar beets.
Both chemicals can be processed in the body easily.
Saccharine and Aspartame are widely used together as a sweetener. Mostly due to the way they work together. Saccharine does not break down, therefore it remains sweet. Aspartame has a shorter shelf life, therefore when it breaks down and saccharine holds the sweetest. Ever wonder why older sodas taste different, or that open bottle changes it taste after a day? This is why.

Now Sweet one and Sunett are sweetener products containing Acesulfame potassium(k). approved by USFDA in the 80's it is about 180 time sweeter than sugar. Although it does have an bitter aftertaste so it is usually mixed with other sweeteners. You will see it on the label as Acesufame K or Ace K. Discover in a German laboratory in the 60's be accident, it has become one of the safest sweetener being used. Ascesulfame is use in over 6,000 food products, ranging from cereal to drinks. It is also used in Pharmaceutical products. Produce from a potassium salt derivative. the chemical itself tends to be mixed with other sweeteners. Due to its ability to be heated and not break down, it has a longer shelf life.

Sucralose came out in the late 90's under the name Splenda. About 600 times sweeter than sugar and having a more stable life, as far as breakdown at high heat. This product has been a newer choice in diet drink makers. Still process be using chemicals, it has been noted that it is derived from sugar.There has not been enough studies on this product yet. Some studies link it to a potential causing more Migraines and some increase in blood sugar for Diabetics. One thing to remember, this is a chemically manufactured substance. In the Laboratories they do change the molecular structure of the sugar compound to achieved a lower sugar calorie product. Therefore there will be some side effects in certain people.

FDA has approved Stevia is a sweeter to be use safely in late 2008. Stevia is a plant that has been used for centuries in other countries as a natural sweetener and medicine. Being 300 times sweeter than sugar it is a good natural choice. it seem to be able to stabilize the blood sugar, curve ones sweet tooth and help lower blood pressure. there are some side effects but nothing that has been noted as life threatening at the present time. I have read some info on Cancer probabilities and problem with Male reproductive organs. However of all the info out there, there is nothing on this claims. A few things to keep in mind are; if you are on meds for blood pressure or a heart condition, it would probably not be a good idea to use Stevia. Due to the side effects known and stated above.

The newest one is Neotame. It is 6,000 to 13,000 sweeter than sugar, that's right in the thousands. This is is on the rise here in the USA. the USFDA has approved it as safe. Nutrasweet company is the maker. It is similar to aspartame, containing the same products used in it. Processed to be more stable in heating , it can be mix with other sweeteners and will have a longer self life. You will start to see it list more and more in products.

some information resources: Elmhurst college, , Wekipedia,Herbs Love to know

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Ultimate Blog Party

We are still in the mist of the Ultimate Blog Party. What a thrill ride. I have met so many new friends and found some great blogs to follow. If you are new, scroll down to learn a little about me. Dropping by for a visit? check out the party site, click on the banner above. We are have a blast. Oh yes one more thing, What's a party without food!..... I posted a party Brain food recipe at my Kitchen site. check it out Here. We all need this brain power food to remember all those names.
Tomorrow my "Got Evidence" series part 1 will post. We are looking at Diet drinks.
Have fun at the party, oh by the way there are a lot of give a ways.
Added to my desire list;
netflix US11 US12
Holiday Inn Main gate stay US40

So why don't you check out the prizes.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's Party time Here on April 12.

Today and tomorrow we are having a Blog party here on this blog. Over at 5 minutes for Mom's the party is already underway.

For all you New visitors I am Auntie E and this blog is my Going Green and Living Healthy blog. At age 50+ I realized that being healthy is very important. Learning how to decipher between all the tools out there. Which ones are right for me? Sharing my knowledge with others is a joy. My Mother suffered from Ovarian cancer for two years. During that time I learned it is thought the cancer could be environmentally induced. That got me on the Green movement. Changing my household products, the way I think about the environment, and the direction I was going. Living Healthy with Auntie E is really my baby of my blogs.

I have several other blogs,all are different in content, You can visit them, their links are on my side bar. Each one shares a little about my life here on our Planet.

In this week posts we will be looking at Diet Drinks. A three part post on the right choices we can make. You decided which is right for you and your family. I just give the facts and my opinion. The post series title is "Got Evidence", It will be a new series that will run occasional when I find the Evidence on something I think is important to Living Healthy.

Glad you stopped by, leave your Mark and link so I can visit you. Follow me so you won't miss out on the Evidence. Facebook, Twitter or Google are the preferred ones to use for following. Have fun at the party. You can still join in at 5 minutes for Mom's (this link is for Monday's Twitter participants, the one above is for the main Ultimate BlogParty link).
Can't wait to meet you.

Now to the prizes I am dreaming of:
Love watching movies so the Netflixs #US12, sounds great!
Love eating out that would make the US11 or US95 ideal...
Now we love to travel and the Hilton gardens is a great place to land, Us 39. Is my stop of desire>
Every one loves Star bucks, that would do also.

Now let's party.....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Maxine on Saturday-Brain Food

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Work of the Poet.

With all the talk of Chocolate being good for the brain. Maxine has a good point...Use Dark chocolate when making them!

My brain food of Choice...

c John Wagner
Hallmark Inc.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday's Words- Reusable bags

I have been on Vacation since Friday. Spending time with my Dad. He lives close to the beach, so we did go down to the beach. My daughter loves to shop at the stores along the boardwalk. Of course I have my reusable bag with me, however we did pick up a few more. Now Hubby thinks I have enough already. One place we stopped actually gave us a reusable bag. That got me thinking, what if all the shops were to do that. You know it really does not cost any more to make. I believe the cost is going down, most bags are only one dollar for consumers. That has to mean that the wholesale cost must be low. What about that store who has been giving them out. Do you think he is having a hard time selling them? Even if he is, by giving them out he has helped the environment.
I thought I would ask a Wednesday question:
Do you have reusable bags and have you ever had a store owner give you one with your purchase?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Solar Monitoring

While on Vacation we are able to check on the solar production at home. SunPower Monitoring system allows us to go to their site and see the stats of our production. We can view it by year, month and day. It allows us to see how the Solar system is doing in real-time.
I like this part of our system because while on vacation we can keep tabs on the amount being feed back into the electrical Grid. So we are actually making money on the home energy while away.
We have harvested 2,170 KwH since November 15th, the first day of the panels hook up'. Now that the summer months are approaching us, the harvesting is get better for the month. Last month the sun harvest was 636 KwH. With the high daily amount being 34.13Kwh. It will be very interesting to see what the summer months will hold. Our unit is a 24 panel unit of the SunPower 225 solar Panels. Each panels has 72 solar cells, That's 1728 solar cells collecting the suns power.
If you are interested in seeing the project here is the link to all the solar posts.

Here are our Green Stats. All the equivalent to:
  • Have reduced the carbon footprint by 3,601 pounds of Co2
  • Have saved the emission of not driving of a car for 3,566 miles
  • Have planted 40 seeding trees.. grown for 10 years

We are making a difference in our planet, helping to reduce the amount of pollution we are putting in the environment. Still working on becoming more self sufficient.
Looking at Geothermal next.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Getting ready for Spring.

Kathys Comments

All Of Gods Creations rejoice for...
today is a New Day.
Hope you are having a...
Wonderful Easter and Spring Break

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Maxine on Saturday-Think Green

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Oh I love thinking Green, It makes my mind really work. Now I found this Maxine cartoon, Maxine was thinking green also. I like the way she thinks.

c John Wagner
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Friday, April 2, 2010

If The Old HotCross Bun Could talk!

Taking a break because it's Easter time and we are going to family's to visit and share the time of year. If you are traveling, be safe out there.
Heard about this on the radio this morning and thought Oh I got to see it.
the story is a 91 year old lady Nancy Titman was given this Easter HotCross bun when her Mom died. Her ancestors worked in a bakery shop and they bake this on good Friday. It was been handed down through the family for centuries. I think they could cook back then, but it amazed me that there is no Mold on it. It is said the the currants are disintegrated and the bun is rock hard. So how's that for preserving.
Now what went on in 1821? Here's a few things.
  • Mexico gained their independence from Spain,
  • Greek Independence Day celebrates the liberation of Southern Greece from Turkish domination,
  • Peru declared its independence from Spain.
  • Florida became a US Territory, Andrew Jackson became the governor of Florida.
  • Missouri became the 24th state.
  • Kentucky abolished debtor’s prisons. Thomas Jefferson wrote his autobiography.
  • American sealer Captain John Davis landed on the Continental Antarctica, It was the first Known landing.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte dies at the age of fifty-one,
  • The 1st US pharmacy college was organized in Philadelphia, the first classes where held.
  • African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church founded in NY
  • the Greek Orthodox christian church was founded in Greece.
  • The 1st edition of Saturday Evening Post was published.
What a busy Year in history. This little Hot Cross bun carries a lot of history knowledge.

The world's oldest hot cross bun . It was baked on Good Friday in 1821