Sunday, October 24, 2010

Environmental Home Cleaning

It's time for an Environmental house cleaning. Hubby have been fighting a cough and chest thing for about a month now. Has been to the doctors and been told it's Asthma! Now I tell you with no testing how can they tell that. The Fact that he has never had Asthma and now in his fifties they say that word. It has me baffled.
So, I decided it is time for a whole house Environmental cleaning. This week I will start up stairs and work my way to the basement. Using products that are green and cleaning from the ceilings down to the floors.

Our environment in the home is so important to our health. With the weather changing we need this cleaning. Most of us think of a spring cleaning but, what about a Fall in home cleaning. Most sickness happens in the fall. Flu, colds and pneumonia are among the ones. Could our home air be the source? This is an ongoing question for the health industry. Some feel it has a great impact due to the fact we spend so much time in the home.

So are you ready to do an Environmental Home Cleaning with me? Let's have a sick free season this year. What do you think does the home environment contribute to of health woes?

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