Thursday, February 13, 2020

Healthy Living, how are things going?

Boy has it been awhile!!  Living in this household has been very challenging  this past year. So many changes and Health issue to deal with. Sometimes thing get out of control and life style changes. Folks do not understand why you stop going place or not able to do things.

Last year In our household there were some new health issues presented. Fatty Liver Disease and  Hashimoto Thyroid disease were diagnosed. Then we had  several Strokes and the High blood pressure and diabetes problems.  Rehabs as well as Hospital stays. Had to change diets as well as daily activities.  Plus wheelchairs and walkers were added to the household.  Most of these things limited our abilities to visit folks and go places.

Some of these things went on for a couple years. As many know, My father was living with us and he was  having Mini Strokes for a few years. Each one affected a different area of the brain.  It became a daily rehab for him. Every day we would do memory activities to get him to remember people. The saddest thing was to see him not remember my Brothers. Every day I had to tell him he had boys. He just could not remember. Even when my Brother passed away, he did not know who he was. He ask me everyday who that was. I would tell him and he would say did I know him?  I tried as hard as I could to take him to see him as much as possible. Hoping he would have a memory of him. Even when my brothers would call I had to remind him who they were and halfway through the phone call he would forget who it was. It started after his stroke in early September 2017. then he had another one in November and another mini in December 2017. That was a hard year for us in this household.  In 2018 and 2019. he continues to have TIAs ( mini Strokes). In July 2019 He had a  stroke that effected his bodies ability to control all the functions. Blood pressure, blood sugars, Heart rate and temperature. Plus his abilities to remember was going.  Finally his body just gave up and the lungs would not work. He passed away in September 2019.

During the same time frame my Hubby  had a  trans global stroke, and a mini stroke, Surgery and diagnosed with  Fatty liver disease and Hashimoto disease. His health was not good. Made some diet changes and continued to go to get testing done.  He decided to retire this year. So now his stress levels have gone down  causing  some thing to stabilize.   We are now working on changing some daily routines to enhance our life.

As for me. I been having High blood pressure and uncontrolled Glucose levels.  Have made some changes and now the levels of starting to  return to normal. Still working on the High Blood pressure. However it is down now. Just not in the normal range. One thing I do not like is Chemical medications.  Therefore , I am doing the natural thing and it seems to be working. Hoping I will be able to control my BP without Pharmaceutical help.

In the next few months there will be no info on what we are doing and how it is working. We are on   supplements right now testing them to see if they will do the job we need them to do.  Check back often or follow us  to stay up with our progress.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Update, Been Awhile

We are still a  solar home and being a energy conscious family. My father has moved in with us. so this winter we have had to use more heat to keep he room warmer as he sleep. Hubby and I like the house at about 72. However that is too cold for a close to 90 year old. We found and got a unit that uses less energy and has a good thermostat. Our bills are still not in the range as before the solar, but they are up a little. Something else we did was get some cooking  Gadgets that you can use instead of the stove. Like the Ninja foodi. It also helps in the energy used.Things cook in less time with no  additional wasting heating of the house.
We also got a new washer and dryer that uses less energy. I tend not to use the dryer as much. hang drying items instead.

we still have been recycling. However we wish that our county would allow more item to be recycled . They have become more stricter on what we can put in the bins. That's a fight worth pursuing.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Going Green Together 2017 Update

 It has been a while since I posted an update on our Green house.

the Solar Array: It has really been amazing. Our electric bill was 45 dollars this month! over all we have cut our bill by 3/4 ths. We are still selling our REC's  even though Maryland has decreased the  REC sales.  Hoping the states raises it's prices soon.

I think I told you we were having a problem with the squirrels nesting under the array. We did fix that and now we are in receiving full power.

Our lifetime Environmental Savings:
CO2 Emissions Avoided
41.6  tons
Miles Not Driven
89,763  miles
Gasoline Not Used
4,242  gallons
Coal Not Burned
40,494  pounds
Crude Oil Not Used
88  barrels
Mature Trees Grown
967  trees
Garbage Recycled
29,790  pounds
Recycles report:
At this time we are doing well. Our county has change up things that they will take now. This has caused us to rethink items we buy now.  They will not take any recycled plastics. Since most companies are now using  recycled materials, that makes it harder to  put them into the recycle bin. So, we are not buying made from recycle items.
I am repurposing items in our yard trying  to  not throw it into the trash bin. 
 Solar  Yard lighting: One thing that is high on our list is using the sun to light our outdoor area. Have found a lot of Solar powered lights. Some that stay on most of the night.  Our new underbrella's have both plug and solar. So we use the solar when we can.

 Flooring:   We had our upstairs flooring replaced with Bamboo flooring, I am really loving them. Thinking about doing the main floor also. 
How are you doing ?

Friday, September 30, 2016

Going Green Update

It has been awhile since  I posted. My life has really been busy  the last two years!  My father had  a couple Strokes and now lives with us. We have had a family member diagnosed with ALS. Daughter Graduated College and we are planning a wedding for next spring.  Maintaining two Houses 5 hours apart. Plus we had a Flood in the House and a Sewer line breakage. So, as you can see I have had little time to Post.

Things are still Hectic here however, we did have the house fully repaired ( post about that later). We had some floors repaired and used Green material. Loving the Bamboo flooring! Thinking about doing the main floors with it.

So now for all the updates:
Our Solar has been great! We had bills of only 45 dollars during some times. Even the electric company thought there was something wrong with the meter. We told them there was not We have solar and have been away a lot.  The Electric bills have decreased more than half. Our average bill as about 140.00 when all four folks are living in the home.
We did have some trouble with the squirrels. They wants to nest under the panels. This caused some wire damage. Our original installers came and did all the repairs, plus we put a wire mesh around the sides.  That makes it harder for the squirrels to get under them. We were told this is a problem with the panels. I would suggest that you have the wire mesh put on during the initial install. It is just better. Also decided to put a  Rodent controller in the Attic and leave it on. That has help also. Plus we have a Yard Sentinel critter box on the front porch and back deck. Really have noticed less squirrels activity in our yard!
The total Energy Generated since our install  11/16/09 is 47735kWh. 

List of Green Impact since start date

CO2 Emissions avoided= 72,567 pounds
Miles not driven= 78,371 miles
Gasoline not used= 3704 gallons
Coal not Burned= 35,355 pounds
Crude Oil not used=77 Barrels
 Mature Trees Grown=844

So we are very please with our solar system.

Our Green bag and Recycling update:
We have really made progress, It is getting easier and easier to use the bags. However I still need to work on the Walmart trips. I tend to be less aggressive at those stores. Will really work on making it a priority.
As for our recycle, It is really good. we have less regular trash, about 75% less. Recycles have increased for pick up but not that much. Therefore I feel we have managed to control our clutter.

We have also been giving to Charities more instead of throwing out in recycles or trash.

Plus, all of our Repairs in and out of the house has been decided on based upon Green friendly materials. Even our yard critter and insect controlling. I have done a lot of research on natural ways to garden. You can see that on my Garden blog.

Overall We have changed our Life style and thinking and made it a priority to only be Green!