Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Better Weight Control Tool-L.G.I.

Finding a way to maintain your weight by using the Glycemic Index chart could be the answer for some people. This Index is based on the Glucose level in your body. When the levels are up and down that can cause Binge eating. Causing one to eat more food than they need and then causing the body to store fat.
Now what we want to do is eat some foods that are Low Glycemic in nature. These are foods that will keep the glucose level on a even line longer. Making it easier to feel full and making it to the next meal time.
What are some of these foods. There is a list of the Glycemic Index number of the food items. The numbers that are below 55 are considered the Low index ones. These will level your glucose and stop those cravings between meals. For example one could eat cereals based on oats and bran, bread with wholegrain and sourdough, eat some noodles, pasta and use Basmati rice. Vegetable are good also, like cooked Carrots, sweet potato, Yams, and most all other veggies other than root one like white and russett pototes, which are high on the G-Index.
Milk is low on the list so a glass of milk can help in the weight lost process. Even whole milk is low in the number about 27. In fruits you can have cherries, grapefruit, apricots, apple , pears plums, peaches, oranges, grapes and bananas. All are below the 55 number.
Just trying to incorporate some of these will help in the process of losing weight. If you have a food that you would like to know how it rates on this Index try visiting here and type the foods name in and check it out.


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  2. wow. this is great and informative, this also can help in maintaining fit and healthy, thanks for sharing!