Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordful Wednesday- Our County Bee Keepers

Okay I have a hard time not sharing, so I thought I would make this post a Wordful Wednesday one.You can visit Seven Clown Circus for a look at more.

At the Fair we Visited.....

The Honey Table.
Look at all those ribbons.....

so many to choose from.....

Now Honey is a great tasting food. Everyone I know loves it. There are so many different flavored ones, some are produced by the flower bees, then you have the wild ones. In our area we have bee keepers. Every year the county Fair has entries.

Last year we purchased this one.

When we had a bad cough and could not shake it , the doctor told us to take a tablespoon of honey. The properties in the honey work wonders for coughs. So we open the Fair Honey and boy every one loved it. You know it worked wonders on that cough. After that I used it a lot in cooking and hot teas as well as a spoonful every now and then for medicinal reason.

This year there was a new honey from the wildflowers bees that took first place. So I had to purchase some.
Here it is.

I was able to get a 2 pound size of last years winner as well. I did not see any out, but then I saw the beekeeper put two jars out. Before one could say Bee, I was scooping it up. Now you know every year the taste changes. That the great thing about local fresh honey. We haven't opened the jar yet. However I know it will be just as good. The Bees had a great year.

Buying local also means it is fresh. Still supporting the local Bee Keepers and It's an all American products. The phone number and address are on the jars, you can call them and see if there is still some available. Hurry before they sell out, Tell them Auntie E sent you.


  1. Oh, yum! I didn't know honey worked for coughs. I should have given some to our little boy this past week. I did put raw honey on a burn before, and it healed it right up.

    Thanks for linking up at Hobo Mama!

  2. I love fresh honey, and always try to buy from a local bee keeper.

    Happy WW!

  3. I have a spoonful of honey every now and then - strictly for medicinal reasons of course - too. Love it!!
    Thanks for stopping by and linking up!

  4. I did not realize honey had so many uses!! I'm not a honey fan, but I can see the purpose of having a little on hand.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me some comment love today!!

  5. Honey is definitely a wonderful product, being so yummy and all too. Thanks for linkin up for WW!

  6. my hubby grew up with honey. he used to help on his grandma's farmette where they had many a hive & sold honey. He & his next youngest brother would spend the weekends out there helping. We still always have honey in the house even tho his grandmas place has been sold over 20 years ago.

  7. YES! My father recently told me the same thing....about honey and coughs! Thanks for the reminder....and for stopping by for WW! ;)

  8. I LOVE local honey. Oh gosh, there's just no comparing to the stuff you get in a bear bottle. LOL

  9. Oh I love honey! That is also my daughters nickname.

    Thanks for linking up