Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Living Trash Free...Can it be done?

Ever thought of living trash free? This is not a new idea. Many have begun to reduced and work on trash free living. I came across a book called "Zero-Waste Lifestyle" by Amy Krost. In her book she walks you through some ideas that other folks as well as her family has implemented. Her desire is to reduced her landfill contribution. She seems to be able to achieve this.

That got me thinking what more can I do to reduce my trash even more. We have reduced it about three fourth the amount from a few years ago. However I was thinking can I reduce it more? I would love to have no trash for Thursday trash day. So my goal is to get there somehow. Our process to be Trash Free will be posted here monthly. Will be working on this being completed by one year. I think this is doable.  Having reduced it  already, this seems to be the next step.