Thursday, June 2, 2011

Going Green Update.

Here we are another record month. We received our Energy bill and it was 107.00. that is so good, Normally it is over 200.00 for this month. For two years it has been 107! We have had the Solar since November 2009. Our savings have been great. The energy bills have been cut in almost half. We are now getting ready to have a thermal solar system put in. That will start sometime in the Fall. We are looking forward to even more saving.

With the Solar comes REC's. (Renewable Energy Credits). We have a company who we sell our REC's to. With the Check amount it turn out that we really pay very little on our energy. We had a yearly cost of 2850.89 for energy consumption with the solar. Minus the REC's received from the company we ended up for the years' energy, paying 610.89. Not bad. divide that into 12 months and that ends up costing about 51.00 per month.

Our prior Energy bill before solar was 5103.97 yearly! With a pre-solar cost of 425.33 per month. that is an 88 percent savings. Now how great is that! On top of reduce the carbon imprint. So as you can see it was well worth it. Now with the addition of the Thermal Solar we will be able to save even more. On top of that, Maryland has passed the bill to allow selling of the Thermal REC's. Our company will also buy them.

We are still doing well with our bags and recycling. Have notice only one garbage can to be picked up and that isn't even filled.

Still looking for ways to conserve energy in the summer months. I will be blogging about those later on.

So, How are you doing?