Saturday, May 30, 2009

Splenda or Soy Protein?

As I posted in Fitness Friday I was using an online service for weight lost. This is a story of the problems I had been having with certain diet food ingredients.

I was eating Melaluca food products mixed with normal food. I was having problems with my eyes. I had bad skin scales and flaking dry cell. My eyes always looked like I was being beaten! I went to all kinds of doctors,No one could find the source. I had been on Adkins for over a year. so I started looking at food sources. At first I thought it was Splenda (sucralose). I didn't eat any more Products with Sucralose in it. Notice the eyes were clearing up. Went back to my old ways of eating. gained some weight, then went with Melaleuca Plan. Lo and behold the eye issue came back. This shocked me because I was not eating anything with Splenda(Sucralose) in it! It has been a few months since I canceled the Online service. Notice my eyes are doing well. all the scales and flaking skin gone. So, now I look at the common ingredients in the products. Soy protein is the main one. A few weeks ago I started the Protein drinks up again and this week I notice the eye thing starting back. I have stopped now before it gets bad. The only thing I can be sure of is no Splenda or Soy products for me!

Since all the healthy Diet protein bars, drinks, mixes, powder, and candy all have one or all of those products in them. I started creating recipes with high protein and low in fats. Making healthier recipes out of Old Favorites. There in lies the creation of the Other Blog ; Auntie E's CookBook.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Fitness Friday- A Healthier Approach

I have been googling the Internet looking for Health Management sites. Last year I was a member of one. Vitality for Life part of the Melaleuca company. It had a Monthly fee. The program had a menu planner and a exercise log as well as a weigh in and personal Nutritionist to help you lose the weight for good. They had a very good site and I did lose the weight as they predicted. There was not a per say diet just learning to eat healthier and controlling intake calorie and calorie burned. You want to burn more than you taken in. So the object was to always be in the negative. But stay at 1230-1300 caloric intake, that meant exercise was the key. the company did some program updating and that caused problems with some of the programs. It became very frustrating to log food and work in the site. I did not what to continue paying while they were trying to fix the site, so I canceled.
I have noticed an increase in weight and a falling back into old habits. So the Search for another program which would meet the desire to get fit was badly needed. I did find several out there..All have different gadgets. I will be blogging about them in the next weeks.

Tomorrow I will blog about my experience with Program foods. Monday I will tell you about a site I found with all the Bells and Whistle one would want, and It is free!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday Weigh in

Thought I did well this week. Well the scale did not think so... My dad's scale told me I was doing well....loosing weight,looking good. Got back Home..My scales called my Dads' a Liar! I think my scale are going to Scale Hell! I am Sending it there!! Today I will go out to purchase a Heavenly Scale. One that will Support my Journey and not give me Conflicting Numbers. One moment it tell me congratulation and the next step on it say " OPS Made a mistake you weigh 4 lbs more...And it was just 2 second apart from the glorious.. rejoicing Number!! Say good Bye to the Scale from Hell...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Off to the Beach......Gone Swimming!!

Thank you for your support. I 'm off to the Beach for the three day weekend,(as we call it). Like I mention on my sidebar, will be blogging all about the online fitness services. Have found one that I am enrolled in and have started on the journey. I will be sharing the info with you next week. For now... to the beach I go... Notice I changed my ticker... Yeh, I'll be looking for treasure!
I have started a Support team link. If you wish to be added, Leave a Link in the comments. if do you not know how; here is the info: click on comments, leave short msg, then choose an identity- choose Name/URL. fill it out and Publish comment.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fitness Friday Update- Not Pretty

My update is not pretty! I was doing pretty well for a while. Then the fun times became surrounded by food. It is so hard to have to cook your the family, especially a Teenage. Oh, to be a teen all those sweets and fatty foods. I do not have a problem staying away the the fatty foods, IT'S THE SWEETS! so I am going to post this quick and move on.. all the weight I lost while doing a online health plan,I have gained back,Yuck.
The online health plan I was using changed a main part of their site and it became too frustrating to use. So,I had to quite the service (I will be posting about that later next week). I have found a new site I will be working with the next few weeks. Trying to get back on a good track. One that takes the family along with out their knowledge,hehehe. I am getting so depressed with the weight issue.

It is hard to post these Fitness Friday's when there are no responses.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Traffic down? Is It True...

I have notice a declining of Blog Traffic. Comments are very hard to get on Blogs of this type. I guess it is a true fact that Health and being fit is not a High Concern with Americans. With all the get thin quick pills and food (fat) blockers pills, People think that they are okay. Can eat whatever and take a pill or drink and be fine. I wish that were the case!!
Even they know deep down that being fit is not just Weight issues or taking pills. Being fit has to do with Our Life Styles.
Years ago we, as Americans, Cooked our own food from scratch. Walked More and Jogged better. Nowadays we are told by the media ..Running is not as beneficial as once thought.... A new drug for weight control is more Chocolate(I like that one, lol) .....Drink Wine...Don't Drink wine... and the list goes on. Maybe it is too much TV, too many Fast food Choices, and Too any Info-commercial that has brought us to this place.
Now is the time to start really paying attention to our bodies. We all have different shapes so we all can not be Skinny- Twiggy's . However we can slow down on the lifestyle that got us here. Maybe the recession will not be too bad. It can give us all a wake up call. I for one would like to live until I am 125 years old. How awesome would that be!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Exercising On A Trip.

When on a trip all the walking and eating and running and eating can be the downer for one. Trying to choose a Place that has a Exercise room can also be a challenge. Most paces do have pools, great for water aerobics. Now on our trip the Resort was on Cocoa Beach. That meant Walking was on the List of exercise. I walked on the beach and all around the Resort. There was a Antique Auto Show, will blog about that later this week. I took walks viewing them and taking photos every day. Then there was the walking at the Space Center and Museums, more later on that. Walking is the best exercise one can do. Although there is Two things you must do in order not to gain weight, do not eat while you are walking and drink plenty of Water.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

If I could Blog Back time- Trip out west.

Today Post will be a If I Could Blog Back Time one. I usually post this on my At Home with Auntie E blog. However Because of Police Memorial Week I will post it here.
The topic is Summer Vacations. This is a good one for me. My Mom Planned some sort of vacation every summer.
One year when I was a preteen, Mom and Dad had to take a trip to raise funds for missionary work. So, they got a Trailer it was light blue. We started out from Kentucky and traveled out west toward California. I remember that vacation well due to the fact a lot of things happened!
Let me Start the list. It is not in order:
We got locked in the Meteor Crater in Arizona. Mom said "come on kids let's go up here, we will be able to see the Whole Crater". Dad Said "I do not know if we are suppose to be out this far". We all went with Mom even Dad. It was a nice hike and you really could see a lot. We stayed there from a while. It started to get dark and Dad asked " What time does this place close?". We started back, and to our amazement to doors were locked. Now the entire meteor site had an electric fence around it. We were thinking we would have to stay the night in the Crater!! Mom noticed a Guard in the Building , banged on the door and he let us out.
Here comes the Vegas experience. My grandmother, the one still living(age 93), was living in Las Vegas. She worked in the Casinos, as did her husband at that time. My parents were going to do some business, so they ask grandparents to watch us. Let see, Grandma had to work, Grandpa John wanted to go to the Casino. Us kids wanted to go swimming!! Grandpa dropped us at the Pool, a very nice BIG outside pool. I do not know how many Hours it was but I got Sun Poisoning. So, I was really sick!! and my skin was all blistered. I didn't have to sleep in the trailer due to no Air conditioning in it. and the heat I could not take.
Death Valley......... Oh Yeh We Went... I was still Suffering. Stopped to eat at the park. One of my brothers chimed " What are those, there are so many of them?" Everyone looked up. It was a flock of Vultures lining up for what they thought was Dinner!! I do not remember how many however, I do remember they were increasing by the minute. So, we gathered up of of our things and hit the road!!
No rain in site? My baby brother can fix that! We stopped in Alma New Mexico at a Mom and Pop store. The owner said" haven't seen rain here in a long time, Dry spell. Watch out for the tumble weed. They can be large and do damage to your Auto." The family did see some really big one and we didn't know what is was until the store stop. My baby brother, around 5 years old, told he man."I know the rain dance I will get you some rain". We all Laughed and went outside. Brother danced and howled. It was so funny. Got in our car and left. Not on the road for more than an Hour and it started to RAIN!!! Oh Yeh he thought he did it.
There were many more on that trip, to many to post at this time. Now what have I learned? Hubby, Daughter and I are going on a summer vacation out west. To the same places I went to. I will check on the time of closing at the Meteor Crater. In Las Vegas limit time in the sun and sunblock,sunblock, sunblock. Will not Picnic in Death Valley! I hope they are restaurants by now. Must important NO RAIN DANCES!! Leave my brother at home.

For more "If I Could Blog Back Time-Thursdays!" posts travel over to Lola's Dinner.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time 2 Get Serious- for 2day's post.

Now that my fun posts are done. Did nobody like the previous one? I like to have humor on the blog. Being serious all the time can be a downer.
My week so far is going well. I have been sticking to my New routine. I haven't been doing well with the weight lost. But now am back on the track. Will start back on the melaluca weight control plan. (more about that later). Trip to Florida Coming up end of the week. I will take my Pilates bands with me. That way I can do some on my short trip. However there will be lots a outside walking. I tend to Swell up when I walk a lot. Well that's all for now, leave a comment before you leave. Just so I'll know your stoped by. I will stop by you and comment back.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Star Trek Movie.

Yes I know..What does a movie got to do with Health and fitness? Well Hubby took me to see The Star Trek movie. I am a Big Star Trek fan. Some of you might remember the StarTrek TV show released in the 1966. We never missed an episode in my house. My dad is a Big fan also. I went to all the StarTrek Movies and watched all the Spin offs on TV.

Some stats for you: By 2004 it was shown in 13 countries. USA (sep1966), Australia(September 1967), UK(July1969), Netherland(October1971), West Germany(May 1972), Belgium(September 1973), France(December 1982), Hungary(November 1997), Ukraine(March 2004)
Also Known As:
"Star Trek: The Original Series"Spain / USA (informal title)
"Jornada nas Estrelas" in Brazil
"La conquista del espacio" in Spain
"La patrouille du cosmos" in Canada (French title)
"Raumschiff Enterprise" in West Germany
"Star Trek" in France
"Star Trek: TOS" in USA (promotional abbreviation)
"Viaje a las estrellas" in Argentina
I would say it has quite a following. No matter what country I lived in or visited Star trek was always on TV.

Did you notice in the TV shows and Movies, There was lots of Exercise. Everyone looked so fit. They had to be! fighting on the other planets was hard work (hehe).
By now, if you have visited my other blogs, you know how I love Mars. Okay it is time to admit "I really like all the other planets also". I just like space travel.

So, here is the exercise related part. When I went to see the New Star Trek movie,I got quite a work out. My Heart rate increase and Held it there for over 20 minutes. That's got to be worth 20 minutes of aerobics. I had at least 3 sets of that. There was the laughter, we all know that is good for the mind and spirit as well as those abdominal muscles. I was really good and did not eat during the movie. So, the calories spent stayed off.

This is a Great movie. Go and see it...Tell part of your exercise routine for that day. I guarantee you will enjoy it!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Start of Mothers Day--Excerise?

Finger Exercise...Surf..Drop.. Type.
Eyes Exercise.. Look.. Read..Focus.
Mouth Exercise...Talk to Hubby.
Butt Exercise...Slide rolls in chair.. Sit down.. get up..
Legs Exercise..Climb those Stairs..Down the stairs.. Walk to coffee machine.
Back Exercise...Bend over, pick up.
Arm Exercise (bicep Curls)... Coffee up to mouth... coffee down to table.. repeat 2 times sets of 10. change hands repeat.
Aerobics.. See tulips on table jump for joy, repeatedly.. Priceless.

Happy Mother's Day

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fitness Friday- Changing the Pattern

I am Changing my Daily routine (pattern).

My normal day go like this:
5:ish up- coffee-boot laptop-make School lunch- make sure daughter up- breakfast for daughter- computer(blog checks)- laundry- visit sites-make beds- get dressed- open doors- then it's noon what happened?? Oh yeah, the Laptop. Once I get on it,the hours fly by.

This is the tentative change. Now I say tentative because as you know thing are always changing, haha. Get up 5ish- get dressed- get daughter up- have coffee and protein bar or drink-( I am going to make her lunch the night before)bag the lunch-make her make breakfast- Exercise(some sort)- make beds- pick up house- set timer for blogging time (1 hour)- work out in the yard- make lunch- 1 more hour on laptop(dropping and visiting)- start dinner-- maybe 1 more hour on lap top- spend time with family( TV or Wii fun).

As you see Laundry left out. Oh yes, it is back to Wednesday Laundry day, no more daily laundry.

See that runner up on my banner. She has not been moving fast enough! I want her moving overtime...Summers Coming and I need to fit in those beautiful clothes in my drawers!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

WW-Critter and Auntie

Critter and Auntie
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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Weekend Project.

It is a rainy Monday,round 5 am now. Had Critter for the weekend. His G-mother walked in the Avon Breast Cancer event. She has Lupus and even in the rain she managed to finish the 39 mile walk! It was over a two day period. the training took months. Walking and running every day to build yourself up was well worth it. I am very proud of her!!
I worked out in the yard over the weekend. There was a time window of no rain. Critter and I moved a fountain from the brick patio to the deck. I really like it there! It has a fog machine with a changing color lights in it. I can see it from the Solarium Room (where I blog ), it is a calming view. Waiting for the birds to find it.
Here is a photo of Critter helping. More photos to see at Auntie E.s Yard and Garden.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Fitness Friday- Let's get started again!!

Loosing weight and eating fit is so hard when the Support system is not there. I do not care how many times one said "I am doing it for me" or" It's for my Health, to live longer" or again " I want to see my child get married and be a grandmother". With out the support of one another and comments, encouragement , crying and laughing of people(followers) it is easy to slide back. When Your family does not have (or are not concern with) the Healthy eating issue. Then the will power go out the window. Pizza nights, Eating Out , Not wanting what is cooked or just eating the snacks, all of these throw blocks to our eagerness to get fit.
I have found this week to be hard. I have Blogged my difficulties and even some knowledgeable material. I have researched some other tools to use. Have gone into my library of a long list of exercise DVDs , videos, books and equipment I have purchase through the years to help with stay fit.
I will say I have a bounty , Tony Little, Jane Fonda, Patti Duke, Richard Simmons, Billy Blanks-Taebo, Windsor Pilate's and many others. Then there the books; Weight lifting to a fitter you, Escape your shape, Diets don't work, the Pilate's directory and I am sure others lost in the book piles. How about the machines; Treadmill, stepper, thigh master, row machine, gliders, Pilate's machine, the new Wii fit and all those that we got rid of. Finally let's not forget all those hand weights, stretch bands and door pulleys we have laying around. With all these tools the weight is still there.
So, what is missing? I know for me it is a support system that is not Weight Watches (group weigh in) but one that it laughing and crying and giving me the go go girl! My Mom used to do that and even though I slid back she still laughed, cried, listened and stuck with me.
So how did I fair this week? Not Good!! Gained some weight. Eating comfort food felt nice, because of some stress factors. This next week I will work harder on trying to exercise when the stress and sadness comes on. My thought is if I replace the old habits with a new healthier habit I will feel better.
I will continue to blog each day as to my progress. Helping me to deal with the feeling of overwhelming issues.