Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sleepless in Maryland...

Some time I have these sleepless nights. this is one one those nights! Yesterday I started not feeling well.Think Hubby gave me his cold. I am drinking antioxidants and sucking zinc. Hope that will do the trick and shorten the time.
Yesterday I started the EA Sports 30 day challenge, boy I didn't know how it worked. I made it through the first day routine, not too bad. Each day I will be given a different routine that way I will not get bored, so they say. My trainer is female although I think at some point I would like the male, I wonder if I can change that?
Now I need to find a good food plan. I am a member of Sparks People, they have a menu plan. I think I will try a low carb for a while. At least til I can get on the downward spiral. I really do not like to do those types of diet plans, because they tend to always end up in failure. Learning how to eat within the caloric level is the best way to maintain your weight, in my eyes. I was raised on good wholesome food and would like to continue that way. Although as one ages the body tends to change the way it processes food. I am hoping by working out with the EA sports and controlling my caloric intake I will slim down. We'll see how it works.


  1. Good luck with your new program. I think reducing the calories works but I really think the size of the portion of your food works too. You will have to keep us posted.

  2. Good luck with your quest. Starting an exercise program when you don't feel well might not be in your best interest.

    I considered going for a walk today, but it's cold, wet, and rained off and on; so I didn't. I did try to put my pedometer on the other day to see how I was fairing and it's kaput. They don't last long. Guess I need a new one, again.


  3. Good luck! Beautiful pic! and try garlic pills! Great immune booster, I'm hooked on them!