Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Words - Blogging Daily

Do you think it is easy to write on a blog daily? I find it easier if one looks at it as a friend. Would you call a friend up or make contact with them daily? The one thing that is a challenge is when you have several blogs and each other is different. Thinking of each blog as a different friend helps. How many friend are the same. Each one has a different personality than the other. Sometimes I do cross other information on my blogs,is that bad? Not in my opinion, getting to know someone well takes time. There are many aspects of a person. Let's look at Auntie E.

First I am an Aunt to eight kids and a Great Auntie to 2 kids. Love being a Mom to a teenager and wife to the same man for 32 years. In my daily life I have a lot of thoughts. Wanting to share them with someone, so I do not go crazy, I found a need to blog. Sharing photos of happy moments and Life in my world has been a joy. My first blog " At home with Auntie E" had introduced me to the Blog World. Critter became a great part of my world at that time. He still is in our home, we enjoy the innocence of the child. Critter is the widget for that blog.

Cooking and eating is another side of me. Maybe you like to cook and create new meals. What a struggle sometimes just trying to please the family at meal time. Then there are all those cooking tools and ideas to share. Auntie E's Kitchen was created to share that side. I could of called it "The Joy of Cooking", but that was already taken.(I saw the movie)

Reading has been a joy of mine. Not every one enjoys reading therefore, some friends would not be interested in books or discussing books. In the household here, everyone likes to read, Hubby likes his Computer books. My daughter is a great reader always has a couple book going at one time. As for Auntie E(me) reading all kind of book is my joy. I share my Love of read on "Reading time with Auntie E". Looking for a new venue for that blog. One that will be more conducive to daily blogging.

Now we come to the outdoors side of Auntie E. Traveling,Gardening ,swimming and outdoor activities are so much a part of my life. Some of my friend do not like the outdoors. We call them homebodies, trying to get them interested in a conversation of the outdoors is tough. Yet some of the family want to know what going on outdoors with us. I love to share the outdoors on my "Auntie E's yard and Garden" blog.

Since you are here on my "Living healthy with Auntie E" page, you must be interested in staying healthy. You are good friends to have! Going Green, exercise, Wii-ing, and learning how to be healthy has become very important to me in the recent years. Having my Mother die of an environmental cancer has made a great impact on my life. I want a long life, trying to learn how to better the environment we live in is of great value. Creating this blog has been the most important move in my life. It makes me search and learn in order to change a lifestyle that is not conducive to long life.

So, as you can see this is why I have so many different blogs. I try to post daily on all of them, with exception of the book blog. It take time to read and post reviews. I will look at all my blogger friends as individuals and visit them with honor. For Each blogger has a different personality. This is what makes blogging so nice to me. Learning about my new friends has been wonderful this year and I like forward to another year of blogging and getting to know you all better.
All the links to my other blogs are on the side bar, with photos and titles. You can visit the one that interest you. I read a blogger's post the other day, that mentioned that links in a text can be distracting. So, I am going to try not to put the links in the post text. They will now be under the post. Still learning how to blog better.


  1. I think you're doing a wonderful job with all your blogs. I had 3 once and just could not keep up. It's hard with just 1 now I simply run out of things to post.

  2. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the advice on my blog. You can email me at sundcarrie at hotmail I would love to keep in touch.