Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Words - Just because I can!

So today we had a delivery. It was to replace a dishwasher which was not broken but didn't have a feature advertised at the store. The New one was exactly like the one we had. so we did not accept it. I called the Store up and told them why we refused it. I do not think they even care. Why is it stores will not train their people to know the manufactures changes in product design. I am sure it is a manufacturers change, so ordering a new one just will not do. I like the dishwasher just wish we would not have been misled. We will probably not give them anymore of our business unless we do a lot of research first.
I have had a business for over 12 years now. Have decided to dissolve it this year. I will be selling all the merchandise off my shelves in the next few months. With the economy it has been really hard to continue and make a profit.
Going green has given me a new outlook on life and household products. We are using Melalecua products and have really notice a difference. We will now start selling the products and signing up some new clients. I believe going Green is so important since most allergies and cancers are environmentally caused. If you are interested in transforming your home into a healthier place, Give me a shout, email me or leave a message I will get back to you with the details.
  • What did a learn in 2009? Let's see. I can help change the way people think about being green. It does not have to be costly or difficult to implement. Even the solar power was affordable, and I thought it would not be.
  • Not using Plastic bags could be easy. I thought I would never be able to go into a store with my own bags. What did I know... it really isn't that hard and the more I do it the less people seem to mind.
  • Using Green product do make a difference in the home. We are all healthier, less sickness, sore throats, sniffles , itchy skin and tummy aches.
We got rid of a car this year. First of the year we turned in our Smart buy car and walked away. That was hard because we usually got another. With two cars paid off we felt we really did not need a third one at this time. Our daughter is not driving yet!
Looking back on the year and forward to the next. I can see many things I can carry forward and many more to learn. This year I will be listening and posting what I am learning.

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  1. It sounds like you are a bit further in the journey than I am. This year my goals are to put up as much locally grown/personally grown food that I can, have a reasonably productive garden after two years of not so productive gardens, start recycling, and start a compost pile.

    We are in the city with a VERY small yard, but I know we can still do these things and do them effectively. Ultimately I would like to be in the middle of the woods somewhere off the grid. That would be the life!