Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Weather and Skin.

The winter weather is so bad for my skin. This year has been the worst. I have always had dry skin. In my teens I used products for dry skin on my face. Then in my twenties I had to lavish more lotions on my legs,they were so dry. In my thirties I notice my arms needed more moisture.The forties was the hands. Now in the fifties, well it all over, especially my feet. They are so dry they split and peel. This year seems to be the worst. I have tried all sorts of moisturizers, however it seems the more I use the more I need. Any suggestion for me? I will try it and see how the products work on my Dry Skin.


  1. Use a pumice on your feet every time you shower. Do that last so they have time to soften in the warm water. When you get out, massage in some Vaseline on your feet and heels, then use lotion, then put on socks immediately. If you do this daily, you will notice the cracks will soften and disappear.

  2. My legs and the top of my feet get very dry in winter and sensitive too so I use plain old Sorbolene cream on them. You can get it that has vitamin E added as well. I know I wont have a reaction to that and it works well....and its cheap.

  3. Try using lotion creams on wet skin to help seal the moisture.
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  4. Lin, I do use a P-stone, however I haven't done the sock thing in years. Not good at sleeping in them.

    Angelr, I haven't heard of Sorbolene cream, will have to check it out.

    Grace,I do put the lotion on after a shower, Never thought to wet the feet first.