Monday, January 4, 2010

Are Dreams Healthy?

I seem to dream a lot about my departed mother. Each night she is in my dreams. Last night she was mistakenly pronounced dead. So in my dream she was walking and talking, after we got her out of the grave. Now the dreams don't bother me. I actually love seeing her in them, but is it healthy... that is the question? After a death of a love one, we tend to hang on to their memories. These are not reliving memories in my dreams rather, creating new ones. It could cause the memories I have to be distorted. Maybe that is why my Grandmother sometimes mixes thing up when recalling memories. My Granny Davis had some great stories, but now I wonder how many of them were right. My 92 year old( still living) granny has great stories. The other day a 110 year woman (living in Maryland) had some good ones to tell. Can we rely on their tales?
We all dream, some remember theirs and some do not. Hey I should right a book on them, oh I think that has been done already, Stephen King was great at that. Maybe those old wives tales, where dreams. Come to think of it the Grimes brothers tales could have been derived from dreams. However you look at it, Dreams can be great for the writers and bloggers , the material can take one to a different world for a while. I miss my Mother greatly so that is probably why I dream of her. She is always on my mind.

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