Monday, January 18, 2010

Being Green Minded

Can you believe January is midway through? Less than a month til February 14th, Valentines Day here in the U.S.. There was a question on a Friday post " Are you going to buy valentines gifts and what will they be". Years ago I did this, got gifts. Now for about 5 years I haven't. Going Green has made me rethink this. Maybe a Rain barrel would be nice or a Battery charged Lawn Mower. It would have to be something green to replace an item or be able to use resources wisely. Hubby is very Green conscience, any suggestions outside a Car? (in case hubby is reading,lol)


  1. How about a lovely piece of recycled jewelry--you know, something antique? :) Well, I'm trying here.

  2. A kiss is great, followed up by a rain barrel and a battery powered lawn mower. That is even better.

  3. We're getting a rain barrel this year. Not for Valentine's Day, lol...just for fun!