Monday, January 25, 2010

We're down and Working off BB.

Internet went down today. I am working off my Blackberry (BB) , Dial up. Yes it is slow, fios box is broken, the new one will be here tomorrow. When we went on the GoWestMyFriend vacation, I got the blackberry so I could post online,twitter and facebook. Good thing I did. This technology is so important in today world. What would we do if we had no internet connection? I'm sure it can be frustrating to be without a direct line to the world. Once it was only the Television that was that line. Today it's the cell phones, we get all our information from them. Now I'm able to post thanks to the blackberry. I am sure things will be back to normal tomorrow. Until then I will bone up on some green things, go shopping, and maybe read that book waiting for me.

1 comment:

  1. If I lose my connection I'm done until they can fix it. That's nice you can use your BB. I'm thinking some of us might be a lot better off without the Internet actually.