Thursday, January 28, 2010

Living Longer in this Century

Last year I blogged about SparkPeople . I have a blog there and write on it occasionally. As with any health Plan one starts, one can get too busy to stay focused. That is me with my eating/exercising routine. The Winter can be a rough time,all the comfort food and cold weather. Our clothing gets bulkier, making it easier to hide those extra pounds. We do not get outdoors everyday. With all the Home exercise equipment, computer internet,and DVD exercise programs we have more resources to assist us on our time schedule. Why is it then that we still are battling the weight and health issue.
I think it is because we have become more concerned with having good essteem with our bodies, that we forget about the health issue in Overweight. How many times do you hear " don't judge a person by their apperence", "He has always been a chubby boy, that just his body type", " they are just big boned" and other statements made about heavier body types. There needs to be a way to respect a person and still realize that our weight effects our life expectancy.
Heard the other day we are living longer and that is good. However who is living longer? People who are living into there 90's are thoes who exercise at least three times a week, stays active with their minds, work longer (do not tend to retire to do nothing), and continues to do something that they like (makes them happy).
With all this new information at our fingertips, we should be able to take back control of our health and bodies, live longer and defy the old age syndrome. I blog to keep my mind active and keep me young. Unless you tell your age no one know it and you can be young again or older and wiser, whichever you would like. The key to living longer , Stay active, do something you enjoy, and eat less.

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