Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holiday Baggage

Oh that holiday baggage we pack and carry. This holiday season I packed an extra 5 pound in my bag. I believe that is the average amount one picks up during the holidays. Now with the New Year is here and we need to unpack it. My feeling is it will take about two week to get it off. Yes of course one can lose 10 pound in a couple of days. However that is mostly water weight and really doesn't count. I need to loose that fat weight.

So off to the Wii I will go...Then down with the Pilates.Finally out to the treadmill.

With all the friends working on the Wii, I should have lots of support. I might even add some new mimi's to my circle. I heard one can add some cartoon characters, roadrunner might push me along. Do you Wii, Pilates,or treadmill? Let me know, so I can follow your blog.

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