Thursday, December 17, 2009

What To Get Him?

A question : What should I get my Dad for Christmas?
He told me " unless I can eat it or use it up, don't get me anything". Now we find out he has Diabetes and so the Hershey Chocolate he so love, is out. Since the passing of my Mom almost 23 months ago, he really does not want anything. It has been very hard for me. Mom would always give me clues and he liked doing things in the yard. Me being an outdoorsy person could find some yard things. Now he Tells me the only reason he did things in the yard was to please Mom. His whole live was based on Moms likes and desires. Now we need to find something for him to enjoy. You know it is hard having the medical knowledge that most spouses only live a short time after the death of their partner. I want him to have a long life.
So I will be out shopping today with my Blackberry in tow. I will be able to get all the suggestion you leave in my comment section. Please go shopping with me and get me some ideas. One comment might be the thing that lights up his face.

1 comment:

  1. The only thing I can think of is to suggest some sort of trip with him. There must be somewhere that he would enjoy seeing. Or maybe get him some yard stuff and he might get interested again. Sorry, wish I had more suggestions.