Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Big Thank You

I received some really good ideas for the men in my life gifts. I want to thank you all for your suggestions. I would tell you which ones inspired me however, the men in my life read my blogs. So they will have to guess and you will have to wait til next week to hear how they like their gift and what a choose.
It is really snowing now. That means I will not be able to go shopping today. We are expecting 12-18 inches today. Tomorrow and early in the week I will be shopping. That leaves time for you to continue to make suggestions.
Right now I have my Cinnamon Swirl Log cooking. Coffee is on and hot cocoa for my daughter. Our Pellet Stove is fixed and working and the snow is still coming down. Hubby is putting the recycling in the bins. We are enjoying our day at home. Our Daughter will have a lot of shoveling to do when she gets out of bed. The smell of the cinnamon will get her up for sure.

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