Wednesday, December 2, 2009

That Sound in your Head.....

Yesterday was a busy day. Ever have one of those days when you hear all kinds of things in your head? Oh yeah..It started Sunday and has been going on since. Now I am not crazy, even though you might think so. It is just that time of the season. I think I should do one thing and then I get this thought that I shouldn't. Well that is just what happened. I was just sitting in church and a thought popped in. So I talked to Hubby about it and we decided to proceed with that thought. Then the next day we called the people and delivered the goods.
I received an e-mail that very same day. I thought That's great, they will be able to do that now.....then...another thought...all night long. So in the morning I called and took all the tags that they had. We went out yesterday and shopped, not for ourselves. Now I think it is a healthy things to listen to ones thoughts. It can cause some endorphins to spread thought your body and give you that wonderful Christmas season feeling. Nowadays recycling is the In-thing, a gift of a used coat, clothing or shoes. however what a joy to give to someone in the community a New gift. Not knowing the person, just buying it, wrapping it, tagging it and dropping it off at a common site. We indeed had fun shopping for the unknown person. Get into the Season Spirit and find a gift tree in your area, pick a few tags and take your family shopping.

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