Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Teen Driving Years-Yikes

(Photo courtesy of Inmagine)
My teen announced yesterday that she is going to be old enough to get a learners permit. Yikes, what to do? Hubby and I were just talking about teen driving. I never had a license til I was out of School. Never owned a car until I was 21. I learned from my Dad and Mom teaching me. Had some friends teach me stick driving. I had no accidents. On the other hand, Hubby drove while in school. Drove his family car and other ones he got. He was a crazy teen driver as a teen and had a lot of accidents.
I do not think teens have changed that much in the driving skills. There are still distractions just some different ones. So what about others riding in the car of a teen driver? Think of it, a Group of teens together in a Moving thing controlled by a teen...Yikes it scares me!!
Not even talking about our Accidents free driving history and great insurance. Add a teen to the mix and what can happen...You loose our insurance or the lower cost and it wasn't even you who had the accident. Just not sure what to do with this teen driving wish. Need to set up some rules and look for another insurance option.

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  1. LOL, I've written several posts on teen driving on my blog. It's very scary. If you are interested, in my sidebar I have teen driving as a catagory, lol. But here's one post that is helpful, lol:

    p.s. thanks for stopping at my blog...and now I'm checking out all your 'other' blogs. :) I like this one so far!