Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ageless Granny.

Headed back to Maryland now. We have been in the south for a few days. Visiting Family, my Grandmother is 92 years old and still going strong. I wonder what her secret is? How has she made it to this age? She loved to dance in her younger years, worked as a waitress in many places and walked a lot. One thing she told me yesterday was she did not cook, her husband does all the cooking. Her pantry is filled will beans, soups and greens. Maybe that's the key, eat more beans and greens. One thing she told me was that at the doctors office the clerks came to her and said you made a mistake on your form. When were you born? Is this right? Yes, she said, that's correct 1917. she just does not look like that age. But, then again what does 92 look like? In this photo, this is what Granny at 92 looks like! Have a nice day and live long and prosper and Spock would say.

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