Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's In The Bag-Monthly update #4

It the first and time for an update. We have been doing well with the Cloth/reusable bags. I think it is starting to be a habit. Still working hard on turning the house into a green home. More about that later.
Our solar has been up and running for 12 days. We have saved 564.2 lbs of CO2 and Produced 331.9 kWh in that time. Now we have had some overcast days and the days are getting shorter. This all will effect the amount of kWh produced. As the day start to getting longer, after the December Solstice, we will see a high number. How are you doing?


  1. We keep bags in our car. We have a "rule" If we leave the bags in the car because we forgot, either we go out to the car and get them or we carry our purchases. You should see when the 3 of us shop and we all 3 have armloads saying "no bags please" LOL

  2. Okay, I so love this blog.

    And solar, huh? I've always wanted to do that at our house but the expense is horrible. Hopefully the cost will decrease in years to come. I do green bag it all the time. I LOVE my green bags!