Thursday, May 14, 2009

If I could Blog Back time- Trip out west.

Today Post will be a If I Could Blog Back Time one. I usually post this on my At Home with Auntie E blog. However Because of Police Memorial Week I will post it here.
The topic is Summer Vacations. This is a good one for me. My Mom Planned some sort of vacation every summer.
One year when I was a preteen, Mom and Dad had to take a trip to raise funds for missionary work. So, they got a Trailer it was light blue. We started out from Kentucky and traveled out west toward California. I remember that vacation well due to the fact a lot of things happened!
Let me Start the list. It is not in order:
We got locked in the Meteor Crater in Arizona. Mom said "come on kids let's go up here, we will be able to see the Whole Crater". Dad Said "I do not know if we are suppose to be out this far". We all went with Mom even Dad. It was a nice hike and you really could see a lot. We stayed there from a while. It started to get dark and Dad asked " What time does this place close?". We started back, and to our amazement to doors were locked. Now the entire meteor site had an electric fence around it. We were thinking we would have to stay the night in the Crater!! Mom noticed a Guard in the Building , banged on the door and he let us out.
Here comes the Vegas experience. My grandmother, the one still living(age 93), was living in Las Vegas. She worked in the Casinos, as did her husband at that time. My parents were going to do some business, so they ask grandparents to watch us. Let see, Grandma had to work, Grandpa John wanted to go to the Casino. Us kids wanted to go swimming!! Grandpa dropped us at the Pool, a very nice BIG outside pool. I do not know how many Hours it was but I got Sun Poisoning. So, I was really sick!! and my skin was all blistered. I didn't have to sleep in the trailer due to no Air conditioning in it. and the heat I could not take.
Death Valley......... Oh Yeh We Went... I was still Suffering. Stopped to eat at the park. One of my brothers chimed " What are those, there are so many of them?" Everyone looked up. It was a flock of Vultures lining up for what they thought was Dinner!! I do not remember how many however, I do remember they were increasing by the minute. So, we gathered up of of our things and hit the road!!
No rain in site? My baby brother can fix that! We stopped in Alma New Mexico at a Mom and Pop store. The owner said" haven't seen rain here in a long time, Dry spell. Watch out for the tumble weed. They can be large and do damage to your Auto." The family did see some really big one and we didn't know what is was until the store stop. My baby brother, around 5 years old, told he man."I know the rain dance I will get you some rain". We all Laughed and went outside. Brother danced and howled. It was so funny. Got in our car and left. Not on the road for more than an Hour and it started to RAIN!!! Oh Yeh he thought he did it.
There were many more on that trip, to many to post at this time. Now what have I learned? Hubby, Daughter and I are going on a summer vacation out west. To the same places I went to. I will check on the time of closing at the Meteor Crater. In Las Vegas limit time in the sun and sunblock,sunblock, sunblock. Will not Picnic in Death Valley! I hope they are restaurants by now. Must important NO RAIN DANCES!! Leave my brother at home.

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  1. This is a great post.. maybe because I went to all those places on family vacations.. we did the southwest thing twice... major trip.. thanks for reminding me..

  2. great post, sounds like it was quite and adventure

  3. Great post. How cool that you got to go to so many different places. I always begrudged my Dad for never taking us anywhere. He always took his vacations, but spent them either working on the house, or doing side jobs.

    Sorry for not commenting. I've been going back and forth with my blog designer for the past couple of days. Have you stopped by yet today? We've done some remodeling.