Friday, May 8, 2009

Fitness Friday- Changing the Pattern

I am Changing my Daily routine (pattern).

My normal day go like this:
5:ish up- coffee-boot laptop-make School lunch- make sure daughter up- breakfast for daughter- computer(blog checks)- laundry- visit sites-make beds- get dressed- open doors- then it's noon what happened?? Oh yeah, the Laptop. Once I get on it,the hours fly by.

This is the tentative change. Now I say tentative because as you know thing are always changing, haha. Get up 5ish- get dressed- get daughter up- have coffee and protein bar or drink-( I am going to make her lunch the night before)bag the lunch-make her make breakfast- Exercise(some sort)- make beds- pick up house- set timer for blogging time (1 hour)- work out in the yard- make lunch- 1 more hour on laptop(dropping and visiting)- start dinner-- maybe 1 more hour on lap top- spend time with family( TV or Wii fun).

As you see Laundry left out. Oh yes, it is back to Wednesday Laundry day, no more daily laundry.

See that runner up on my banner. She has not been moving fast enough! I want her moving overtime...Summers Coming and I need to fit in those beautiful clothes in my drawers!


  1. I really hate schedules and thank goodness I don't have to follow one any more, but good luck with yours. With Summer coming I'm sure that little runner will be flying soon.

  2. I used to spend way to much time on the computer, especially in the morning. I now let my son play so that I dont get hooked. I am also trying to do my exercising before noon...otherwise I am more likely to skip it!

    Sounds like you are on a great roll!

  3. I just don't like laundry. It seems like it never ends. I'm glad you're remembering you. If you're not happy, the people around you won't be because Mom's rule!

  4. My computer sucks my time, too! And I've recently decided one big laundry day is so much easier than doing a little every least it seems done ONCE a week!

    Tentative is the right word...we have to tinker and adjust until we get figured out what works best for us!

  5. Changing my schedule needs to happen too, but I just can't seem to make myself work out in the mornings this month (being pregnant can do that!). I hope you get into a good groove and get that runner running!