Monday, May 11, 2009

Star Trek Movie.

Yes I know..What does a movie got to do with Health and fitness? Well Hubby took me to see The Star Trek movie. I am a Big Star Trek fan. Some of you might remember the StarTrek TV show released in the 1966. We never missed an episode in my house. My dad is a Big fan also. I went to all the StarTrek Movies and watched all the Spin offs on TV.

Some stats for you: By 2004 it was shown in 13 countries. USA (sep1966), Australia(September 1967), UK(July1969), Netherland(October1971), West Germany(May 1972), Belgium(September 1973), France(December 1982), Hungary(November 1997), Ukraine(March 2004)
Also Known As:
"Star Trek: The Original Series"Spain / USA (informal title)
"Jornada nas Estrelas" in Brazil
"La conquista del espacio" in Spain
"La patrouille du cosmos" in Canada (French title)
"Raumschiff Enterprise" in West Germany
"Star Trek" in France
"Star Trek: TOS" in USA (promotional abbreviation)
"Viaje a las estrellas" in Argentina
I would say it has quite a following. No matter what country I lived in or visited Star trek was always on TV.

Did you notice in the TV shows and Movies, There was lots of Exercise. Everyone looked so fit. They had to be! fighting on the other planets was hard work (hehe).
By now, if you have visited my other blogs, you know how I love Mars. Okay it is time to admit "I really like all the other planets also". I just like space travel.

So, here is the exercise related part. When I went to see the New Star Trek movie,I got quite a work out. My Heart rate increase and Held it there for over 20 minutes. That's got to be worth 20 minutes of aerobics. I had at least 3 sets of that. There was the laughter, we all know that is good for the mind and spirit as well as those abdominal muscles. I was really good and did not eat during the movie. So, the calories spent stayed off.

This is a Great movie. Go and see it...Tell part of your exercise routine for that day. I guarantee you will enjoy it!

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